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Seriously Cool Blog Templates


Seriously Cool Blog Templates

How many times have you ever wanted to begin a blog, however, thought, “I realize nothing approximately photograph layout“? Well, plainly, Etsy has come to the rescue for all of the hopeful bloggers available because you can now purchase real blog templates from the website online.

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Whether you’re an aspiring fashion blogger, a photographer, stylist, or just want to make a non-public website in your resume and portfolio; you do not want to worry approximately selecting thru all of the uninteresting templates that websites like WordPress or Blogger provide you with or paying someone hundreds of bucks to layout one for you. For simply $20-$50, you could have a sublime template in your blog that seems like you spend masses of greenbacks to have a fashion designer create one for you.

Many of the weblog templates on Etsy can be customized—colorations, fonts, employer—making it smooth to customize your template and make your weblog’s design unique. By just heading over to Etsy and searching “WordPress subject” or “Blogger template” (depending on which platform you use), you’ll be presented with heaps of templates to make your weblog look precise. Some sellers even offer custom-designed headers and social media buttons for an extra price. The best component is, they’re incredibly smooth to put in. By simply purchasing the theme, you’ll get a hold of a message to your Etsy inbox immediately after your payment has been secured with a record to download. In that file, you’ll find the code, and lots of dealers include instructions for easy download as well.

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We’ve collected 30 of our favorite templates for Blogger and WordPress for all aspiring bloggers to test out! Click thru the slideshow now! Although this headline might sound like a shaggy dog story, we’re no longer kidding in any respect. What higher manner to slay a trend than to be the trend certainly? That’s right: There isn’t any higher way.


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After New York Fashion Week passed our expectancies for the future of fashion with clean layout ideas like logomania and patchwork, we started looking out for styles we might not have considered in the past. Unsurprisingly, we determined a lot. But, fantastically, the fashion we favored the most became one we didn’t even understand existed: an obsession with silky, drapey, scarf-print garments. Silky and drapey? Seen it. Scarf print? I saw it (on scarves). But collectively, on portions like tops and attire, the elements complement each different in unimaginable ways. We abruptly want scarves throughout our complete bodies—and we completely plan to make it take place this fall.

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How To Write Serial Fiction As a Blog

Creative writing can make more amusing and exciting whilst published in the form of a serial blog. Each bankruptcy is reduced to tiny pieces, allowing the author to take a greater comfortable pace while retaining the reader intrigued and returning for greater. I started out writing “Full-Time Lara” almost a 12 months in the past these days, a piece of fiction approximately a lady traveling throughout u. S. Stepping into one journey after another. I spent about six months conceiving the plot, the various adventures she gets into, developing the characters, and what number of phrases each chapter might be. Then I began writing. I registered a blog on Blogger and wrote my first chapter. Six months later, I’ve written over 50 chapters, slowly built up a small following, and discover myself constantly eager to write more. It’s just amusing.

Here are a few tips I’ve compiled

Adventures appear to make the first-class serials. You have a chief person who gets into one situation, gets out, and then gets into every other. It just continues taking place and on. Each state of affairs brings in new characters, and every state of affairs brings out unique fine on your primary character. If you take a look at television serials, book serials, they all have identical formats.

Your readers will want a first-rate man or woman who’s regular in his/her mind and moves. Therefore, before you begin writing, conceive each excellent element about your major person. It may additionally assist in writing a dossier on this individual, perhaps in MS Word or a text editor. Each bankruptcy you write, you have to live actual to this person’s mannerisms, fears, weaknesses, strengths, and joys. You need to create this character’s history growing up, what they skilled of their beyond, and what people stimulated them.

Write twenty to fifty chapters of the serial first before launching your weblog. This will help you iron out the kinks and illustrate any problems you could revel in while writing. I truly wrote about thirty chapters in MS Word, and after reading it via, it helped me rethink my fundamental character, reduce down the chapters into smaller segments, and exercise session a relaxed writing tempo.

Be actually steady with posting frequency. If you put up a new bankruptcy every day, make virtually sure that you try this each day. If your readers note you are publishing new chapters inconsistently, they’ll overlook to test your blog. Post date many of your chapters. That is, write several chapters ahead of time and schedule them to submit on later dates. I generally preserve among ten to 20 chapters written beforehand, everyone scheduled to submit days aside. That’s my posting frequency. That gives me about a one-month rolling window of chapters to get the best tune and even rewrite if I need to. It additionally allows me to take a ruin from writing without disrupting my readers.

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