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For most bloggers, a hosted blogging platform like Blogger is a good preference, but there is absolute confidence that their selection of pre-constructed templates is lacking to mention the least. While there are heaps of templates accessible for the platform, a variety of them are the identical factor, again and again, barely remembering to alternate colors. We’ve found 10 that is at least a piece one-of-a-kind from the “norm.”

Andreas02 – The popular WordPress theme makes its way to the XML Blogger template crowd. Excellent for blogs with several pages.
Digg – Do you have a burning preference to make your blog seem like Digg? This theme turns the everyday vote buttons into the dates of your entries and is simply a chunk of amusing. The fashion designer is Turkish, and the download is in his native tongue, but without problems comprehensible.
Dream Light – Artistic and on your face, however, keeps clarity quite simply.

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FlyNet 02 – A very business-like template that offers you a four-column header for information in addition to a flash intro – in case you want it.
IBlock – Versions of this template are to be had only for the iPhone/iPod Touch or you can hold the texture for an everyday browser if you want. It may additionally appear a piece unusual to have a template particularly for the Apple devices, however, with forty+ million greater iPhones estimated to promote over the subsequent yr, websites built just for it are possibly the wave of the destiny.

Night Club – Made for actual nightclubs, but effortlessly changed. Great for track lovers, DJs, birthday celebration promoters and more. It’s uncommon to see a black theme for any running a blog platform that is simply readable, this one handles it fantastically.
Nyoba – Nyoba offers you three columns in addition to Google AdSense devices in top locations, with a smooth to trade heaer photograph.
Retro Mac OS Theme – Are you ready to kick it vintage faculty fashion along with your weblog searching as it escaped from a 1980’s Apple? This is your template!

The Girl – Available in multiple colors with one-of-a-kind headers, it has very a good deal of a “WordPress experience” to it. If you prefer the convenience of Blogger, this would be an amazing topic in order to merge the two.
TotuliPink – Pink templates have a tendency to be loud and tough at the retinas, but this one works pretty well without making you need to run for the hills.

Japanese “Kaizen” Principles for Blogging

In the arena of Japanese management fashion, Kaizen approach “change for the higher” or “development”. Kaizen refers back to the place of job method calls for never-finishing efforts for development involving everybody within the employer – managers and people alike. Generally, a Japanese management Kaizen crew has predominant components – upkeep and improvement. Each aspect has its particular functions. The maintenance characteristic is to maintain current technological, managerial, and running requirements whilst the improvement function is aimed at improving contemporary standards. These equal standards can be applied to running a blog. Here are ways you can practice “Kaizen” concepts to running a blog.

Let’s analyze Kaizen for blogging in terms of the Management and Improvement functions.

1. Management

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For Kaizen, normally you should concentrate on enhancing the procedure as opposed to at reaching positive outcomes. It is also a manner that, whilst completed efficiently, it helps to dispose of overly difficult paintings (both intellectual and bodily), and teaches people on a way to discover ways to spot and put off wasteful techniques. An accurate blogger must possess the following management talents:

Time Management

Time management lets you work at the maximum worth duties and to get through them fast. Time control isn’t some difficult to understand belief, however, a vital blogging method that can be followed to accumulate a huge amount of fulfillment. Many bloggers have failed due to the fact they’re inefficient and time management can grow that successfully. Knowing how to manage a while efficaciously will help you achieve the desires you need with the least amount of effort.
Maximize Blogging Effectiveness

Every blogger puts lots of effort in creating a weblog after which posting content material often but then its even extra vital that the content is read by way of many human beings.

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Always try and build an know-how of the key phrases used to your weblog. You ought to also recognize how your weblog’s particular characteristics and the way your blog can match in with the present day worries of your target market. This expertise will help you to increase content material and also goal conversations.
2. Improvement

Under the development characteristic, a blogger has to paintings continuously towards revising the cutting-edge standards, after they were mastered, and organizing higher ones. Improvement can be broken down among innovation and Kaizen. Innovation entails a drastic development within the existing method and calls for large investments. Kaizen indicates small enhancements as a result of coordinated continuous efforts. Areas that require consistent improvement for a weblog are:


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