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Making Tech Accessible & Applicable: Templates for Teams


Making Tech Accessible & Applicable: Templates for Teams

In February of 2019, Microsoft got here out and shared its tons-awaited Microsoft Teams Templates feature. Now publicly to be had, the improve shall we customers swiftly create a brand new team via a current group as a template. With several Teams Templates available, users can quickly install a Teams Channel, set up Apps, or pin Tabs. What’s more significant, as you peruse through the Template reservoir, new teams can be created based totally on high-quality practices and classes discovered – leveraging a new REST endpoint, part of the Microsoft Graph API. This modern-day template repository is also segmented for particular industries:

Education templates – Class, Staff, and PLC groups
Retail templates – Store and Manager Collaboration
Healthcare templates – Hospitality and Ward
It’s vital to word that every category comes with multiple templates detailing supposed utilization and possible guidelines for team introduction.


The idea at the back of the Templates initiative is deceptively easy: create templates for a team constructing around specific enterprise wishes and groups requirement. Teams templates can initiate collaboration areas that are modern and in line with specific and individual content material delivery objectives. Additionally, this feature has been designed with attention for consumer personas (two demarcated ones): The crew member is accountable for planning, curating, and coping with a couple of groups throughout the employer—developers seeking to assemble a team with predetermined channels and apps programmatically.



While homes like – Team club, Team picture, Channel settings, Connectors, and Files & content material – are not currently supported via Teams Templates, several base template types are to be had. These base templates deliver proprietary apps which might not usually be on hand via the store. Once a base template is chosen, you may override those predetermined characteristics with different houses; but, given the truth that Templates remain to a nascent degree, those are but to be defined, and not all may be entirely overridden.

A final phrase

This is manifestly part of a far larger picture. What started as a collaboration app (within Microsoft’s Office 365 suite) has taken on a more profound and rapidly widening dimension. Pushing for acceptability and broader utilization, those Templates are geared to permit any consumer – regardless of industry, tech talent, or area of interest requirements – to utilize Microsoft Teams as their pass-to answer for collaboration, conversation, connectivity, and teamwork.

In different phrases, Microsoft, with Teams, is taking the next obvious step: integrate workforce management, undertaking control, intra-office conversations, and employee coordination inside the ambit of Microsoft Teams. The Templates are almost like a ‘hook’, supplying new users the possibility of handheld into a vibrant equipment ecosystem.

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