Do Mobile Blog Templates Have Enough Substance For search engine marketing?

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As more on-line pastime shifts to cellular devices, bloggers are getting privy to the advantages of having mobile variations of their websites. As success might have it, the builders of most important running blog systems identified this, and stepped-in to provide default solutions for those looking to serve up content to a cellular target audience without a lot of funding.

WordPress Mobile Versions
There are two variations of the WordPress platform: the hosted WordPress.Com provider, and the self-set up WordPress.Org package that you may run on your very own server. Let’s begin with the hosted model.

When touring a WordPress.Com blog, the machine seems at the vacationer’s person agent placing, which identifies what internet browser they may be using. If it acknowledges the browser as being telephone-associated, it’ll substitute the same old website with an abbreviated model designed for a cell, on the equal URL – no redirects to every other page like m.Some thing.Com.

The cell version isn’t only streamlined from a visual point of view – the underlying code and content material also are slimmed down. Post excerpts are kept brief (approximately a hundred and sixty characters), and sidebar content (e.G. “Popular Posts”) is removed.

Overall it’s an entirely purposeful adaptation and one that proprietors of WordPress.Org programs also can revel in, as it’s based totally on the freely available WP-Touch plugin. Once set-up, this plug-in will produce the same behavior for your server.



From an search engine marketing point of view, the lack of redirection maintains things easy as far as indexing is worried. From a content material standpoint, the house page manifestly suffers due to the abbreviated excerpts. But that’s no longer a large loss from an search engine optimization perspective; the daily blog lacks keyword awareness on the house web page besides – lots of posts, masses of topics. A blog’s search engine marketing reputation will typically be tied to its inbound linking or man or woman posts, no longer to home page content material, and people can be unaffected.

It’s also critical to note that man or woman weblog posts aren’t shortened, they are supplied complete-duration on a single web page, similar to on the computing device. In fact, the mobile model’s lack of sidebar content may additionally, in reality, assist search engine marketing for these pages, by using giving them an distinctive awareness on the subject handy.

Blogger On Mobile Devices
Blogger additionally makes use of person agent detection to make decisions approximately what kind of template to expose. However, the motion it takes is barely exclusive. When receiving a web page request from a phone, Blogger will redirect you from the primary URL (e.G. Myblog.Blogspot.Com) to a cell variation (e.G. Myblog.Blogspot.Com/?M=1)

Being a Google product, one could presume that Blogger’s redirect approach won’t purpose any problems with Googlebot-Mobile’s efforts to index the cell website, or with the link equity, you have got on your home page. But Blogger’s cellular template is still officially in beta, so you’ll want to pay attention to how Google’s cell seek engine reacts to it, and post feedback to Blogger’s group of workers in case you see something suspicious.

As ways as content material are involved, the charge-offs are same to WordPress: a clipped home web page backed through complete-length blog posts.

Posterous & Mobile Templates
Posterous is the most recent of the platforms protected right here. However, they have a reputation for innovation, so it’s no wonder that they’ve already introduced free templates, each for their Blog and Groups products.

The situation may be very a good deal what we’ve defined for Blogger and WordPress, but Posterous takes a greater minimalist technique.

Home pages are reduced to Ann available list of weblog submit titles, without excerpts given. The entire loss of non-link content material may additionally take your property page out of the SEO sport altogether – it’ll get indexed. However, there’s nothing to examine here. Your search engine optimization efforts on a Posterous weblog will be middle completely on getting person posts to rank well.

Best Practices For Mobile search engine marketing
The good news is that each one these platforms are taking a similar direction, so subtle methods are easy to formulate. Here are some elements to hold in mind as you manipulate your weblog:

Post titles are more crucial than ever because they become a significant portion of the seen content on your weblog’s home page. Engines and customers alike might be very dependent on your post titles to parent out what your content is set.

Posts themselves are mostly untouched, so there’s no technical need to write shorter posts. One may argue that cellular users could have a get-to-the-factor attitude when it comes to cell content. But my opinion is that business websites need to be short (“Where’s that 1-800 number?”) whereas blogs are for readers, and readers, well, need to examine. For greater in this, take a look at out my previous post on brevity as opposed to cell SEO.

A suggestion precise to self-hosted WordPress bloggers (or everybody self-hosting a platform) would be to hold updates in your free plug-ins continuously. Because those plug-ins depend upon consumer agent lists, those lists ought to live updated to a hold-up with new phones being launched to the market. At a minimum, you’ll need to update every time you spot a new wave of TV classified ads for a hot new smartphone.

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