How to Migrate your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

4 months ago

Your blog (abc.Blogspot.Com) is hosted on Blogger, and you’ll now like to transport the weblog from Blogger to WordPress (self-hosted) with a private area call like abc.Com. What is the easiest way to interchange from Blogger to WordPress without dropping Google seek site visitors, page rank, and your current feed subscribers?

WordPress gives an obvious one-click choice for uploading blog posts and reader feedback from Blogger into a brand new WordPress weblog, but there’s extra to migration than just transferring content. For instance:



Some of your articles on the old BlogSpot blog will be ranking very excessive in search engines like google for positive key phrases however once you move those items to a brand new WordPress weblog, you may lose the organic seek visitors for the reason that permalinks (or URLs) of your weblog posts will trade.
People come on your weblog via search engines like google and yahoo, browser bookmarks and referrals from different net sites that have linked to your blog pages. If you migrate to WordPress, Blogger will no longer robotically redirect those traffic in your new website.
When you turn from Blogger to WordPress, modern readers who’re subscribed to your Blogger RSS Feed may be misplaced forever if they don’t manually subscribe to your new WordPress feed deal with (and maximum gained).
The Importer tool available internal WordPress will handiest switch content material from Blogger to WordPress, but if might also like to take care of the various troubles listed above, observe this step using step academic. It takes much less than five mins to finish, and also you’ll additionally be able to transfer all the Google Juice from the old blogspot.Com deal with for your new WordPress blog.


Before you begin the migration, it can be an excellent idea to backup your Blogger weblog consisting of the XML template, weblog posts, and feedback just to be on the security aspect.

If you want assistance with the Blogger to WordPress migration, please get in touch with me the use of the touch form at ctrlq.Org. This is a paid choice.

Register a new net area, purchase web hosting and deploy WordPress for your emerging field.
Open your WordPress Admin Dashboard and under Tools -> Import, pick out the Blogger* alternative. Authorize WordPress to get admission to your Blogger Account, select your blogspot.Com blog and within minutes, all your Blogger weblog posts and remarks could be available on the brand new WordPress website.
Open the WordPress subject matters editor below Appearance -> Editor and open the functions.Php document for modifying. Most WordPress themes consist of capabilities.Php report or you can add it manually into your WordPress issues folder via cPanel or FTP. Copy-paste the following snippet of code interior your features.Hypertext Preprocessor record (at the beginning of the document) and click the “Update File” button to save your modifications.
Open your Blogger Dashboard and select Templates. Scroll down the templates page and select the “Revert to Classic Templates” option to transfer from the XML-based Blogger templates to the standard Tag-based templates.
Copy-paste the following snippet into your Blogger template editor but before you do that, replace all occurrences of labnol.Org together with your new WordPress web page URL. For example, if your WordPress site is located at instance.Com, update labnol.Org with example.Com and paste the modified snippet within the Blogger, template editor. Save the changes.
We are almost achieved. Open any web page on your old Blogger blog, and it needs to redirect you to the corresponding WordPress page. We are the usage of a permanent 301 redirect at the WordPress aspect, and consequently, all the Google Juice and PageRank must bypass to your new WordPress pages. (video)

The above approach works for everyday blogspot.Com URLs and additionally united states-particular Blogger domain names like blogspot.Co.The United Kingdom, blogspot.Com.Au or blogspot.In.

The Blogger Import tool actions simplest posts and feedback from Blogger to WordPress however not pics. And that need to be high-quality due to the fact the photograph URLs for your imported WordPress posts are nevertheless pointing to blogspot.Com (wherein the photos were at first hosted) and consequently not anything might damage.


Now that your new WordPress web page is up and strolling with all the old Blogger posts, right here are some essential stuff you have to do:

Add your new WordPress website online to Google Webmaster, affirm the website possession and additionally submit an XML Sitemap listing the URLs on your new website.
Follow those WordPress optimization pointers, installation a number of the necessary plug-ins and pay individual interest to enhance the safety of your WordPress site.
Follow these running blog recommendations and take your blog to the next stage.
[*] Google has stopped assisting OAuth 1.Zero, and for this reason, the existing Blogger importer plugin in WordPress has stopped working. The plugin developer has expressed his inability to update the plugin to use Blogger 3 API and OAuth 2.0, and as a result, we’re caught at this time.

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