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How Can I Avoid Being Tricked By the Hospital After My Injury?


How Can I Avoid Being Tricked By the Hospital After My Injury?

When you are involved in an accident that causes significant physical injury, seeking medical care is one of the most crucial things to do. Treatment of physical injuries, whether immediately after the accident or some period in the future, along with physical therapy needed to return to full function, can put a significant strain on your finances. If you file an insurance claim, your insurance provider can settle your finances. However, you and the insurance provider are not the only two parties involved in settling your medical bills. The hospital where you receive the treatment for your injuries is an important party in the settlement discussions.

It is safe to assume that neither the hospitals nor the insurance companies are on your side. It means that you have to look out for yourself during these claims because often, there is trickery involved on the part of the insurance adjuster or the medical personnel to make sure that you do not receive adequate compensation for your damages. The knowledgeable car accident lawyers at Rutter Mills in Virginia explain why your health insurance must be billed for your injuries after your car accident so that you are not financially responsible.

Seeking Medical Help

It is essential to seek medical help for your injuries sustained in a crash, especially if you were involved in an auto accident. Visiting a doctor makes it possible for you to have the required paperwork for your workplace compensation claim. There is no better authority than a doctor to determine the extent and nature of an injury.

Hiring a Lawyer

Every insurance company and adjuster is working for the good of their company. They do not want to pay for your treatment from their pocket. The same is true for the hospital where you receive your treatment. They would like you to pay your bills yourself. Here it becomes essential to hire a lawyer for legal guidance and resolution of your insurance claim. Most law firms offer a free initial legal consultation if you feel that you cannot afford a lawyer.


Not Comparing Cases

You can avoid getting tricked by the hospital after your injury if you do not compare your case to someone else’s. Each case is different in terms of injuries, requisite treatment, and insurance adjusters, etc. Therefore, every case will have a different outcome.

Release of Medical Records

In many cases, the insurance adjusters ask clients to provide a signed medical authorization. It means that they will gain access to all your medical records, including those in no way relevant to the injury under discussion. The hospital can be persuaded by your insurance adjuster to release all medical records, effectively breaching your privacy. A good attorney will guide you through releasing only the relevant medical documents to the insurance provider and keep you organized throughout the ordeal.

Choosing the Right Doctor

You can avoid being tricked by choosing the right doctor to support your compensation claim. If you choose a doctor who gives you painkillers for an injury but does not bother to find the cause of the pain, your claim will likely get denied based on the doctor’s reports. If you choose a doctor who orders relevant tests to reveal the source of pain, you are not only likely to get better medical care but also receive appropriate compensation for your injuries.

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