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Can Dash Cam Videos Be Used as Evidence in Texas?

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Can Dash Cam Videos Be Used as Evidence in Texas?

As technology continues to advance, dashboard cams are among the latest car features growing in popularity. Not to mention, recording our driving experiences and adventures is part of the thrilling virtual life. Dashboard cams can be strategically mounted on the vehicle dashboard. However, installing it on the passenger side’s windshield is much safer as it reduces the risk of obstructing your view. Dashboard cams can be quite instrumental in a legal case.

Can Dashboard Footage be Used as Evidence?

The last six years have seen many motorists face prosecution based on evidence from dashcam recordings. Dashcam recordings are legal, substantial, and highly incriminating. They are the most useful pieces of evidence that can help strengthen your car accident case and increase your chances of receiving compensation.

With incriminating proof on the dashcam footage, the case will no longer be about your word against the liable driver. The evidence on the footage will most likely carry the day in court. Armed with such compelling evidence, any disgruntled insurance company will have no option but to accept and bear their client’s liability. An auto accident can leave you seriously injured, devastated, and traumatized. Texas laws grant you the right to file compensation for all these damages if your dashcam evidence shows the other driver made a mistake and you are not at fault.


Dashcam Evidence is a Double-Edged Sword.

Nothing is perfect, and dashcam evidence is no exception. While it can be a blessing in a auto accident trial, there are also several disadvantages of dashcam evidence from a car accident to be aware of in a court case. For instance, if the accident happened from a different angle of your car, recording the right footage may be tricky. You may end up sustaining severe injuries, but the evidence captured on your dashcam may not be strong enough or admissible in court. Another advantage is when the footage captured on the dashcam is something you’d rather no judge, jury, or prosecutor get to see. For instance, you could be the one caught on camera being negligent or flaunting traffic rules. This can significantly weaken your case if your dashboard camera testifies against you. The dashcam is thus a legal double-edged sword.

Dashboard Camera and the Law

The most significant advantage of the dashboard camera in legal matters is to help determine liability. However, other issues about its usage may cause legal implications. For instance, a jury, judge, or prosecuting attorney may capitalize on specific weaknesses and use them against you. When installing a dashboard camera on your car, be sure not to break any law while at it. Mounting such a device on your vehicle is legal in Texas. However, it can bring you problems if it is established that it violated traffic laws. Examples of such rules include:

  • Obstructing the driver’s view
  • Wiretapping and eavesdropping
  • Recording audio

You can be charged with the above offenses as they pertain to the invasion of other people’s privacy. Therefore, ensure whatever your dashboard captures is within the law.

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