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Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After a Bus Accident in Los Angeles?

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Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After a Bus Accident in Los Angeles?

Buses are some of the most common forms of public transportation. Every State and City in the United States of America has its network of public buses. While these buses’ widespread presence is a necessary public convenience, they are also a cause of multiple road traffic accidents worldwide every day.

Even though bus accidents are not as common as small vehicle accidents involving cars or motorcycles, the potential for physical injury and death is higher than other road traffic accidents. It is further compounded by the fact that most buses are not outfitted with safety tools found in personal use vehicles. Furthermore, establishing liability for your injuries can be challenging when you are involved in a serious bus accident.

Since buses are public transit services and not owned by the passengers, the liability in most cases involving bus accidents does not rest with the injured party. Additionally, most personal insurance policies do not cover public transit accidents. If you are injured in such an accident, you have the option to file a lawsuit against the bus driver or the transport company in charge of the buses. You might obtain financial compensation, which you can use to pay your medical bills and any charges for physical therapy, lost wages, etc.

Public Bus Companies

Bus accidents are complicated when it comes to establishing fault. The bus driver might not be responsible for the accident. Similarly, the employer in charge of the driver might be indirectly at fault. Most public bus companies are owned by public entities like the local municipality, etc.

These government authorities are usually self-insured and cannot be held liable for accidents. However, they are responsible for maintaining the passengers’ safety and owe them a duty of care. Any accident that leads to injury violates this principle and holds the said party liable for the damages.

Private Bus Companies

The same principle of breach of duty applies to private bus companies as well. If you were involved in a private bus accident, the company might be liable for your damages. The bus company owes its customers a duty of care, and any violation of this duty that results in an injury to the customer can be challenged in a court of law.

Most such accidents occur due to the company’s failure to maintain their buses, which leads to the vehicle becoming a potential danger for everyone on and off the road. Aside from maintaining their buses to the highest safety standards, the company also has to ensure that its drivers are trained professionally.

Bus Drivers

Since most bus accidents result from the driver’s negligence, they are also liable for your injury and financial damages. You can file a lawsuit naming both the bus driver and the parent company for damages. In this case, both opposite parties will bear the charges if you can successfully prove your case in court.

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