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Can I File a Lawsuit If I Have Been Wrongfully Convicted?

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Can I File a Lawsuit If I Have Been Wrongfully Convicted?

Studies conducted by the National Registry of Exonerations indicate that between 1989 to 2017, about 2,265 individuals have been exonerated. Being convicted for a crime that you did not commit is a great injustice. If you have been wrongfully accused or convicted for a crime, you may feel completely disgraced, and it can have a strong impact on both you and your family. It is essential to immediately contact a Civil Rights Lawyer at Friedman Levy in New York City to ensure your rights are fully protected. If you believe that you have been wrongfully convicted, you can follow some steps to be exonerated.

Common Causes of Wrongful Conviction

Countless people have been robbed of their lives, careers, and youth simply by being wrongfully convicted for crimes they did not commit, be it petty theft, violent crime, or drug offense. Some common cases where individuals have been wrongfully convicted include:

Filing a Civil Rights Lawsuit

As a victim of a wrongful conviction, you may be suffering huge financial and emotional hardships such as a damaged reputation, trying to make both ends meet while coping with the loss of trust from near and dear ones. You can never get back the time spent in prison for wrongful convictions. But if you have been caught in such a situation, you have the right to file a civil lawsuit to claim compensation for all your damages.


There have been several instances where a wrongfully convicted victim has successfully won their lawsuit. Studies show that individuals who sue for wrongful convictions tend to receive huge compensation. While there is no guarantee that you may win your lawsuit, data indicates that exonerees who have prevailed in the court of law have received approximately $300,000 for each year they spent in prison.

Hiring A Wrongful Conviction Attorney

It is recommended to hire a reputed wrongful conviction lawyer if you or your loved one has been unjustly accused of a crime that you did not commit. Although compensation will not restore your missing years and never undo the damage, it can still help. Some critical factors that you should consider while hiring a lawyer include:

A knowledgeable and experienced civil rights attorney can review your case and pursue justice on your behalf. A wrongful conviction can completely derail your life and that of your family. Hence, it is best to hire a skillful litigator willing to listen to you and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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