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Travel and Tourism, a Hot Topic in Sierra Leone

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Travel and Tourism, a Hot Topic in Sierra Leone

Until some days in the past, if you had asked me to tell you approximately Sierra Leone, I might have had to suppose long and difficult to tell you a good deal approximately this West African us of a. I may want to have explained more or less where u likely. S . A. Is positioned. I can also have cited something approximately the slave trade being connected to Sierra Leone. I ought to honestly have advised you that they had killed a brutal civil war. I would possibly even have admitted that I wasn’t entirely positive whether or not the conflict turned 100% over. And it really is approximately it. Slavery and conflict. A quite bad view of what is in truth an exceptionally wonderful us of a. Today, I see Sierra Leone from an entire one-of-a-kind attitude.

It is tough to disregard Sierra Leone’s records and awareness only of the present. Once a fertile area inhabited by dozens of tribes, the Portuguese settled it in the 1400s, who constructed a citadel as a trading submit for gold, spices, ivory, and slaves. A British protectorate in later years, Sierra Leone had the dubious honor of becoming domestic to more than 40,000 freed slaves who gave Freetown its call. As a protectorate, Sierra Leone turned into exploited for its mineral and diamond wealth in the 1900s. Sierra Leoneans fought in opposition to the Germans in Cameroon inside the First World War and alongside the British.

In 1961, Sierra Leone performed independence from Britain and ruled itself peacefully for 30 years. The peace turned into no longer remaining and was followed by a decade of brutal civil conflict that destroyed the financial system, brutalized the human beings, and left a rustic this is wealthy in assets as one of the poorest within the international. The struggle was formally declared over in January 2002, and President Kabbah was reelected in May 2002. Since then, the people of Sierra Leone had been pulling together to repair, renew and regenerate.


Whilst studying for a new internet site looking at journey and tourism in Sierra Leone, I got here in touch with Sierra Leoneans from all manner of backgrounds dwelling in both Sierra Leone and somewhere else. Their passion for the USA became infectious: they genuinely wanted to get the message that Sierra Leone has a long way more to provide than sad latest records. Reconstruction is transferring ahead at a speedy tempo. And indeed, evidence of reconstruction is anywhere – new roads are being constructed, mines are being re-opened, dam tasks started earlier than the warfare are once more underway, markets are all over again thriving and buzzing with lifestyles.


There is also an exceptional deal of self-belief in Sierra Leone’s capability as a vacationer vacation spot: a Chinese organization has lately invested a reputed US$270 million in the lodge infrastructure; enterprising businesses like Kevin McPhillips Travel (based in the UK, USA, and the Netherlands) offer unique twice-weekly flights to Sierra Leone; African Tour experts are discovering viable bundle vacations within the vicinity. The exciting element of funding in Sierra Leone is that more is set to comply with!

They have a right to be confident. The beaches along Sierra Leone’s golden peninsula are one of the international’s nice kept secrets and techniques. Seashore tourism is one of the pinnacle items at the authorities’ tourism promoting timetable, secluded, clean, and stretching for miles on end. Beaches with very British names like Kent, Lumley, Sussex, and York blend with greater African names like Bush Town, Turkey, and Mamma seaside, and

Although the various forests and much of the wildlife has been disturbed and, in some instances, destroyed by the war, eco-tourism is an important awareness of Sierra Leoneans and natural treasures like Outamba-Kilimi National Park, populated via game animals which include elephants, chimpanzees, and pygmy hippos, and Mount Bintimani, the best point in West Africa, are just of the worthwhile flora and fauna points of interest on offer. Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary rescues orphaned and captured chimps. It has been described as one of the maximum hit Sierra Leonean wildlife endeavors, while Tiwai Island is home to over 3000 chimps and other recreation.

Lakes, rivers, and dams are ideal for picnics and enjoyable. The marshlands disguise a myriad of colorful birds – indeed, the cook lifestyles have been much less tormented by the war than the animals, and anywhere you move, the air is packed with birdsong. Sierra Leone is a hen-watchers dream! Tiwai Island, for one, boasts over one hundred thirty-five distinct bird species!

For culture vultures and people with historical hobbies, the remnants of the slave exchange make exciting and although frightening expeditions. Bunce Island, a slave trading fort, is a brief boat experience up the river; Freetown is itself a monument to freed slaves and its Cotton Tree, which stands in the heart of an idea to be an old slave marketplace, is now an impressive national image. Graves, monuments, and forts are all that remains of British and Portuguese power in Sierra Leone: everyone has a story to tell. There are over sixteen specific ethnic groups in us, consisting of the Krio, descendants of freed slaves who communicate an English-primarily based Creole known as Krio, and traveling villages and chatting to people in markets and inside the streets is rewarding for all events!

Freetown might be the most advanced of the cities, providing a level of protection this is hard to fit even in Western countries. Hotels, restaurants, and nightspots are sprouting like mushrooms, and ingesting out in Sierra Leone guarantees a range of traditional and international treats and seafood. This is beyond perception! One has to marvel at what attraction will tip the scales in making Sierra Leone the popular destination that it becomes before the civil conflict. Based on my studies with Sierra Leoneans in recent weeks, I experience that it will be the individuals who make the difference.

Without exception, each Sierra Leonean that I actually have met or worked with has been happy with their United States of America, pleased with its development, and excited about the destiny. They are unfailingly welcoming, greeting aid people and travelers alike with smiles that you can most effectively locate in Africa, with an optimism – no, positivity – that other nations would do nicely to emulate. For visitors searching for a “diamond in the rough”, Sierra Leone gives a vacation like no other – my handiest recommendation to you is to visit faster as opposed to later, to keep away from what’s sure to be a stampede as soon as holiday-makers and excursion operators latch on to this gem of a destination.

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