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Top 5 Killer Seo Tips For Beginners

Seo Tips

Top 5 Killer Seo Tips For Beginners

SEO is complicated to learn and a never-ending topic for bloggers; the more you know, the better you get. In the past six months of my blogging career, I learned new SEO tips from one blog site every day. But what if you have just started, you cannot be very technical in the early stages. So you need to first begin with the ABC of it. And here I am going to teach it to you. Some essential SEO tips that every beginner should learn right away.

Catchy Post Titles

This is a very easy-to-learn SEO tip; make sure that you make the post’s title very catchy and attractive whenever you write a new post. People would never like to see a post that has a dull title. Let’s take this post as an Example – A Good Title, “Top 5 Killer SEO Tips For Beginners,” and the boring one, “Some SEO Tips.” Include some catchy headlining words in the post title. In this case, “Top 5 Killer.” Whenever you search for anything on Google, you get thousands of results, but do you visit all of them. No, you only see the one you think would give the perfect information and seem very catchy to you.


Use Social Media

The main secret for SEO for beginners lies in Social Media. It’s not a very complex task, and anyone can do this. Use social media, each and everyone on which you can get your hands. Use Facebook, Twitter, and especially Google+. With the increase in the population on Social Sites than on the streets, targeting the audience with your brand name will find more people. It can bring massive traffic to your site and consequently increase your rankings on Search Engines.

Linking Pages

The most prominent example you can see yourself is if you read Wikipedia. Have you noticed how they interlink every post on their site within the related posts? That’s why their site has a lower bounce rate, i.e., no. of visitors that include just one-page view. So, connect your posts within one another and see the results yourself. This tip will keep your audience for more time on your site and will keep the flow on. Include a popular post widget below every post of your site or in the sidebar so that people can see it. This will help a lot.


Use SiteMaps

Using a sitemap can help a lot as it gives the search engines a map to navigate and index every page of your site easily. There are many popular plugins available for WordPress Platform which can help you do this task easily. One of my favorite and the ones which I am using right now is SiteMap XML. So go ahead and create a sitemap for the site and submit it to Google through the Webmasters Tools Page.

Write Guest Posts

This can help you both in getting traffic to your site as well as building some backlinks. The main reason for doing so is since you have just started; therefore, the chances are you might not get a lot of views. So if you write Guest Posts for some big sites, you will surely get a backlink through that post, and the second is that people might visit your location from the guest post if they like it. I occasionally write for many blogs; believe me; just a single center brings a considerable amount of traffic to my site. So these were some essential SEO tips that can help you shoot out your online business if you have just started. If you think I left out something, then do share it in the comments section given below.

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