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Top 5 Finance Apps in Play Store Today

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Top 5 Finance Apps in Play Store Today

Top 5 Finance Apps in Play Store Today

Consumers are increasingly growing mobile. From staying connected to making transactions, individuals are using their phones for every aspect of their daily lives. Due to speed, convenience, and efficiency, around 52% of financial transactions in India are being made via mobile phones. Realizing an opportunity here, many banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have developed mobile applications that help simplify the life of their customers. Such apps are easily available in play stores, which have to be downloaded and then installed on the user’s phone. Once the application has been downloaded, individuals can successfully conduct their financial transactions and even apply for a loan. Individuals may therefore use their smartphones to download the easy-to-use and user-friendly finance apps. Following are five apps that consumers are now using for finance purposes.

Bajaj FinServ

Baja FinServ mobile app helps individuals buy their favorite gadget and much more of Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) finance. This app uses a Touch ID and M-Pin to log in. Through the four-step application process, potential loan seekers may obtain finance through no-cost EMIs.

Capital First

Capital First, a leading financial institution in India, provides debt financing to msmes and Indian consumers. Through its mobile app, loan seekers may avail of finance through consumer durable loans, mortgage loans, and two-wheeler loans. Entrepreneurs and business owners may also avail of business loans through the easy-to-use mobile app.



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CASHe, an instant personal loan lending platform, offers finance to young salaried professionals. This app helps borrowers obtain a loan within minutes and also eliminates any paperwork and human interaction. CASHe mobile app offers a hassle-free process, multiple repayment options, and multiple loan products.


GET CASH allows loan seekers to borrow fast cash to meet their financial requirements. The mobile app offers many benefits, such as integrated check verification, Teletrac queries, loan renewals/extensions, and much more. This app is simple, easy to use, and saves time.

SBI Loans

The State Bank of India offers an exclusive app for those seeking finance to purchase their dream home. This app allows potential borrowers to get loan eligibility, customized loan quotes, and applications for a loan online. Individuals may therefore avail of mobile finance anytime, anywhere. This user-friendly interface facilitates the easy application of loans. Borrowers may therefore avoid physical visits to branches and apply for a loan rather easily.

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