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Ring Alarm Review: A Strong Home Security Kit

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Ring Alarm Review: A Strong Home Security Kit

With its video doorbells and cameras, Ring has mounted itself as an emblem synonymous with do-it-yourself protection. The business enterprise’s a chunk overdue on liberating its first full-blown domestic protection kit. However, those who’ve already subscribed to its devices environment could be pleased with how it integrates with other Ring products. The Ring Alarm security package is easy to install and use. Even though it is now not as subtle as the opposition, its potential talents and average affordability make it a severe contender against well-known rival safety manufacturers like Nest and SimpliSafe.

Ring Alarm Pricing: Here’s what you get

The Ring Alarm starter kit is one of the most less costly safety structures to be had. For $200, you get a wi-fi base station, a keypad for arming and disarming the device, one entry sensor, one movement sensor, and a Z-wave variety extender. I could have preferred the kit to consist of at least two entry sensors because there may be typically more than one factor of access to every living, but you can purchase additional access sensors for $20 apiece. You can also buy extra motion sensors, a variety of extenders, and keypads for $30, $25, and $50, respectively, in addition to a First Alert smoke alarm and flood detector.


The square wireless base station is the primary component of the Ring Alarm device. It’s 6.7 x 6.7 x 1.It is four inches in size, and although it lay flat on a bookshelf for this review, it can be established on a wall. The base station has ZigBee and Z-Wave antennas. At the same time, as the latter is available to use with compatible 1/3-party add-ons, whatever is not Ring-licensed won’t make paintings with security monitoring. Additionally, there’s an incorporated 104-decibel siren and a backup battery that lasts up to 24 hours if the energy goes out and an LTE modem inside for bought-separately mobile backup.

The most important part of the Ring Alarm kit is the 5.9 x 3. Nine x 0.9-inch keypad, which can also be laid flat or hung on the wall. The keypad has 12 backlit range buttons, in addition to 3 other controls for fast arming and disarming the machine (though it is also possible to accomplish that from the Ring app for iOS and Android). The buttons are plastic and easy to easy, and with the aid of default, they chime while pressed. I like that the keypad is handheld; however, a great deal prefers the rubberized far-flung keypad supplied by SimpliSafe.

Ring Alarm

The relaxation of the package stays tremendously preferred. The Ring Alarm entry sensors are approximately a quarter of an inch bigger than SimpliSafe’s sensors and don’t carry out double duty like Nest’s large sensors, which additionally sense movement. They’re smooth to put in with the included mounting hardware and 3M-branded sticky tape; however, they seem unnecessarily big and have been hard to location so that the magnets might meet each different on each of my front doors and the returned sliding door. The rest of the package includes an infrared movement sensor similar to those with other innovative security kits. The Z-Wave extender plugs into the wall in the direction of the return of the residence to assist mitigate any postpone among Ring’s sensors and the bottom station.


The ring makes sure that regardless of your revel in level, you are empowered with records. The minute you open the container, there are smartly packaged bins with nearly everything had to set up the package. Before you do any of that, however, you’ll add every device via the Ring mobile app, which is extremely sincere — all you have to do to start setting up accessories is tap the button that says “Set up a brand new device.”

On every device is a bar code; after scanning the code into the Ring app, pull out a battery tab on the accessory (or plug it in) to turn it on, and the Ring app will immediately apprehend it. From there, you may call every device and assign it to a room. The ring presents suggestions, but you may edit as you see in shape.

If it is an entry sensor you’re putting in, Ring will ask what type of door it is to use the proper sort of protection to it — if it is your front door, as an instance, it will use an entry countdown when you open the door while the base station is in Home and armed mode. If it’s the lower back door, it is opened on this mode; the alarm will sound without delay.

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When it’s time to pair the keypad, the Ring app will have you ever create a four-digit PIN for arming and disarming the gadget. If you choose to have expert monitoring, you may also need to develop a verbal password to help you become aware of yourself if you have to talk to a dispatcher. As a reviewer — and someone who has tripped infinite alarms within the previous few months — I also appreciate that there’s a seven-day trial period before expert tracking turns into energy so that you can take time to install the gadget without worrying approximately fake alarms. It additionally offers you time to sign up for the notice so that you do now not incur any costs.

Professional Monitoring

Ring’s expert monitoring through Rapid Response Monitoring Services is one of the more excellent low-cost services to be had. For $10 a month (or $one hundred a year if paid upfront), you get the benefits of dispatchers on standby, and this includes a video garage for any Ring cameras you may have. There’s no long-term contract, either, so that you can cancel any time you don’t need it thru the Ring internet site.

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Ring’s costs are many of the pleasant deals for expert monitoring and include features for its sibling products, too. Competitors like Abode and SimpliSafe value, at a minimal, $30 and $25 a month for round-the-clock expert monitoring, respectively.


By default, Ring Alarm offers three modes: Unarmed, Home and Armed, and Away and Armed. You can use the keypad to exchange modes or use the mobile app, which also offers get right of entry to any Ring cameras you would possibly have installed in your private home. The app additionally gives popularity updates on any related gadgets in the house; a separate records log for the alarm gadget and the cameras, a settings panel for configuring professional monitoring, and what each mode does while activated.

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