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Oldest blogger on the town well-knownshows how she hasn’t appeared lower back seeing that turning her hand to on line writing


Oldest blogger on the town well-knownshows how she hasn’t appeared lower back seeing that turning her hand to on line writing

Joyce Williams, 82, embraced new technology to percentage her traveling experiences with the arena and said it makes her revel in every moment she has left. Many of us dread growing older – involved about what we’ll not be able to do. But Granny Joyce Williams is out to reveal the arena how nice life maybe when you’re over 80. She’s embraced a new era and has even released her blog using the name Grandma Williams. Joyce writes about her travels, having delightful walks, or even touches on intercourse for your 80s. She jokes it’s first-rate to leave the lighting on for this – because the darkish is dodgy at this age and will mean you’ll fall over mountain climbing into the mattress. She also discusses the practicalities of existence, including wishing a person could design a fashionable age-pleasant bath that’s clean for an oldie to get inside and out of with a place to rest a tumbler of gin.


Joyce, eighty-two, who lives in Glasgow, has confronted heartache. However, she says she’s now the happiest she’s ever been. And even though she admits she doesn’t know how many years she would possibly have left, she says this makes her enjoy every second. “Within the following four or five years, I will probably be dead,” she says, without a trace of unhappiness. “It makes you price life that rather more. You don’t fear dying – it’s going to take place. Joyce had simplest used a laptop for emails but took a running a blog route last July and now is aware of her manner across the net and social media. She sought a recommendation from her grandsons of their 20s.

“I’d come across this word ‘blogger’ and notion, ‘What is that this?’” she stated. “The greater nerdy grandson changed into computers, and I requested, ‘What’s this blogging?’. He instructed me what it became extra or less but didn’t know how you probably did it. “Then I noticed this signal from Lucky fifty-two announcing running a blog for novices, so I notion I’d move. “It changed into hilarious. I was in my 80s, and that they were all below forty and the maximum below 30; however, they were cute. I turned into coming into their world and getting to know their language, and I was introducing them to my international, which they didn’t realize both.


“They taught us how to blog – the way to set one up, and I requested, ‘What do we blog about?’ “They stated you may select, and I realized there was no one talking approximately old age as being a pleasing issue. All the media become speak approximately was horrible vintage age, all these bad antique lonely people. But all my pals are having a great time. I concept, ‘Why are we handiest getting the bad side?’ So I began searching for it. Most older humans in their 70s and 80s are having a great time.” Joyce is conscious it’s difficult for those with health and cash problems. However, they stated: “I felt the high-quality side of old age needs to be brought out greater.

“At the identical time, I desired to convey out all of the ageist stuff you run across while you’re vintage, like steps with no handrails, baths in motels you may get into. “People don’t age unfriendly; they’re unthinkingly ageist. “They instructed me you ought to have a voice to write in. So I chose ‘Grandma Williams’ due to the fact I’d were given a cute caricature figure my grandson had executed at faculty, and it has been labeled Grandma Williams, and I idea I’ll just use that as my little brand.” When Joyce recommended, together with a blog publish approximately six at eighty, her fellow bloggers had been stunned. “Their faces dropped – they didn’t think it existed.”

Now she’s in touch with human beings across the globe and enjoys sharing her high-quality enjoy of old age. Joyce was born in a mining village in Yorkshire and lived through struggle-time rationing. She won a scholarship to the neighborhood excessive college, which set her on a professional direction to physiotherapy. She stated: “My mom believed girls must have a profession. She regretted she hadn’t. It changed into within the 40s, and she believed I ought to get a qualification.” Joyce is certified as a physiotherapist, running within the US as well as the United Kingdom. Early marriage in America didn’t exercise session, and they lower back to the United Kingdom a single mom.

Joyce said: “When I got here returned, I become by myself with a baby residing in a council flat. Life changed into pretty bad.” But she says having a profession turned into her savior. She later moved into coaching physiotherapy, finished an Open University diploma, and labored towards shifting the work from a diploma path to a degree. She turned into the national chair of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy for three years. However, she married again and became devastated while she misplaced her loved husband to most cancers while he was simply 55.

When he changed into sick, Joyce couldn’t see how she might cope without him. “I said, ‘What am I going to do without you?’ and he said, ‘Travel the world and spot the whole lot we said we’d move and notice.’ So I’ve finished that ever because. “My junior body of workers have been going off, doing their year backpacking, so I concept, ‘If they can do it, I can do it. I got myself the Lonely Planet ebook and a rucksack and went off.

“I went to Pakistan and Yemen. The result turned into great.” Then Joyce discovered happiness once more and married a Scot seven years ago and moved to Glasgow. She said: “His wife turned into a physiotherapist, and we’d recognized each different for many years. She died, and subsequently, we were given together. “We each cherished her. And we’ve got a joint ardor for touring. “In the case, it’s introduced up to a remarkable life. I want to tell all of us who are going via a terrible patch to cling in there because you get past it.

“I discover this degree of existence; I’m amazed how serene it’s miles. Never worry approximately growing older. You get rusty, but you become philosophically calm. “You can stay and enjoy your memories, and also you’ve were given time to be curious approximately matters. “I rediscovered writing, which I’d realized I’d continually loved, however, hadn’t been doing for a long term. The pride of gambling with phrases and locating the right phrase and the tone has been superb amusing.”

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