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Naunihal Singh of Strands on his brand and changing the face of hair business


Naunihal Singh of Strands on his brand and changing the face of hair business

Strands Salons Pvt. Ltd. mounted in 2005 is now considered one of the most important salon chains in India having a presence in 18 states & sixty-eight salons. Strands Salons gives a giant range of pores and skin, splendor, hair, makeup and spa treatments by means of artists educated by using experts from Wella and Strands Academy.

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Strands have emerged as a logo itself and have been immensely successful, being an associate to big emblem like “Wella”. The corporation is developing in leaps and bounds and presenting avant-garde service to outdo the which means of the word “Attractive”.

BNI talks to NAUNIHAL SINGH, Founder & CEO of Strands Salons Pvt. Ltd, approximately his adventure as an entrepreneur and what he goals to reap in the global of splendor

Naunihal Singh speaks of his undertaking to provide appreciation to the now not much-reputed hair business right here in India. And how they well known the creativity worried in the area of “dressing the tresses”.



What inspired you to increase Strands Salons?

The imaginative and prescient to encourage entrepreneurs next door. To sow seeds of the biggest beauty brand in India. To make international elegance splendor care available to each domestic.

Inform us more approximately the contemporary affiliations with Strands?

Wella, world’s main professional hair care emblem is Strand’s partner. Below the SASD banner, affiliations with NSDC, BWSCC and Ability India are the floor breaking tasks Strands have taken for the welfare and growth of everybody.

BNI-SASD-academyWhat is precise approximately SASD?

SASD, Strands Academy for Skill Development is a platform to faucet the limitless Ability reservoirs hidden in geographic and demographics of India. Empowering 50,000 professional careers by means of 2020 isn’t only a lofty declaration. Strands believe in it and have the infrastructure, the expertise, and the functionality to become a proud contributor within the national undertaking of Skill India.

What has been your modern day ventures aside from Strands and SASD?

Yoga Gyan Global. As the call advocate, Yogagyaan is an initiative to introduce to the world the treasure trove of historic yoga like never before. The 5000 12 months history of yoga continues to be hiding behind the curtains of mythology. The real essence is so effective and so therapeutic that it’s far lots beyond the domain names of electricity yoga and the yoga fashion which has emerged as a vital a part of nowadays’s lifestyle. Yoga Gyan is invoked with the aid of the most respected mentor, a prodigy of legend Mr.Iyengar.

What has been your current achievements and accolades?

On every occasion a brand new Strands outlet opens is a success. Each time a franchise entrepreneur expresses gratitude it is an accolade. today Strands is a pan India logo with the presence in 18 states.

BNI-Naunihal Singh -Karisma-Kapoor-Raman-Ghai
Naunihal Singh(L), actor Karisma Kapoor(M) and Raman Ghai(R)
Your future plans?

task 500 salons via 2018. 50,000 skilled careers via 2020. Strands Academy, Yoga Gyan Academy to emerge as very last words in beautiful and healthy careers.

Your imaginative and prescient

Strands need to come to be the flag bearer of healthful happiness in millions of lives. Superbly, healthily and joyfully.

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