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NASA Switches Curiosity Rover to Backup Computer Following Glitch


NASA Switches Curiosity Rover to Backup Computer Following Glitch

NASA’s Curiosity rover has already lengthy outlived its minimum projected lifespan with more than six Earth years — extra than 2,000 Martian days or “Sols.” However, NASA has introduced that it currently had to use the rover’s pc redundancy to hold the undertaking going. Curiosity flipped over to its backup computer machine after the main system started experiencing errors closing month. Many NASA spacecraft and surface missions have redundant structures integrated. Once they’ve launched from Earth, there’s no way to restore harm to critical systems, so it makes the experience double-up at the crucial additives. That includes Curiosity’s computers, which have been designed especially for the tough environment on Mars.

The rover has a pair of equal brains going for walks a five-watt RAD750 CPU. This chip is a part of the PowerPC 750 circle of relatives. However, it’s been customized to live to tell the tale of excessive radiation environments as you’d discover on Mars or in deep space. These radiation-hardened CPUs value $two hundred 000 every, and NASA equipped the rover with them. Each laptop also has 256 KB of EEPROM, 256 MB of the DRAM, and 2 GB of flash memory. They run equal VxWorks real-time operating systems.

When Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012, it used the “Side-A” computer. However, just a yr later, in 2013 (Sol 200), the computer failed due to corrupted memory. The rover got stuck in a boot loop, which prevented it from processing commands and tired the batteries. NASA achieved a swap to Side-B, so engineers should carry out faraway diagnostics on Side-A. In the following months, NASA confirmed that a part of Side-A’s reminiscence became unusable and quarantined it. They saved Curiosity on Side-B, although.

Several weeks ago, Side-B started experiencing problems that prevented the rover from storing key technological know-how and engineering facts. The team spent per week comparing Side-A and getting ready for the change. NASA has now switched Curiosity back to Side-A while it investigates the hassle in more elements, which it can best do when the other pc is energetic. Side-A still has broken memory from 2013, but the laptop received’t use those blocks.


NASA hasn’t stated how a great deal of Side-A’s RAM is terrible, and it best had 256MB to begin; however, the group does intend to move Curiosity operations returned to Side-B if possible. For now, the task is generally functioning on Side-A. There isn’t any immediate want to exchange again, but NASA could decide to use the bigger memory potential on Side-B.

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