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Nyombi’s circle of relatives eulogises former Attorney General

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Nyombi’s circle of relatives eulogises former Attorney General

Tributes were paid to former Attorney General Peter Nyombi, who succumbed to heart failure on Sunday at the age of sixty-four. During his funeral service held at Namirembe Cathedral on Wednesday morning, speaker after speaker defined Nyombi as a sincere, hardworking, intelligent, trustworthy, loving, and being the concerned guy who cherished his circle of relatives. In her message, his wife Juliana Nyombi said for the 33 years they were married, she had by no means seen her husband preventing battles with folks that insulted him.

“He took my hand in marriage after I became younger; however, he gave me guidelines. He was my pal, husband who in no way fought battles inside the papers even when provoked. He constantly gave a deaf ear to insults. He changed into an issuer to the youngsters and me. Now I ought to get used to staying on my own. He always desired me to get home before him. I must get used to all that. I will pass over you, my buddy; however, God will consolation me,” she said.

Ruth Senyonyi, a spouse to Nyombi’s brother Rev. John Ssenyonyi, stated Nyombi performed a massive element while she becomes courting her future husband. “When John had long gone returned to Australia, Peter wrote to him and instructed him that I become prepared to get hold of something from him. When John received the letter, he proposed to me, Peter waited for us, and we all got married on the same day. We had the same wedding cards and reception, and we went to the equal honeymoon vicinity.


For us girls who’re married in their family, these men have loved us; they’ve allowed us to move back to high school and enhance. Peter wanted all people well. He might call our kids and ask them whether or not they have passports and the subsequent aspect you understand is a trip to the UK or US,” she stated. Ruth Ssenyonyi called upon Nyombi’s widow to place all belief in God. After all, she does not realize a way to do things, like going to the marketplace and buying bread, because those are things her husband does use to do for her.

In his speech, Solomon Nyombi, who represented the previous Attorney General’s children, defined his father as a strong man who loved Christ. “Dad changed into loving and worrying that he in no way overlooked any visitation day. He constantly supported us; he became not a soccer fan, however whenever Manchester was gambling, he might watch the sport with me, and we’d rejoice collectively. Media houses would write horrific matters about him but he in no way responded to everybody. He remained calm,” he stated.

Nyombi’s more youthful sibling John Senyonyi described him because of the pillar of his own family, who has left a large hole. “I grew up with him, and I became stubborn. Whenever I went for football, I might combat, and it usually becomes him to prevent me. He changed into exemplary, and he made sure we were constantly happy. On Easter, he made sure that we took our wives for lunch dates.

If you probably did not have land, he would support you financially to make sure that you purchase land and construct. He was beneficiant, in case there has been fundraising in Church, it’d no longer take him days to reflect consideration on giving, he gave, fortunately,” cited Senyonyi. Kenyon stated that once his brother turned into dropped because of the Attorney General, he by no means complained or felt horrific because he had initiatives that might supply him cash.

There turned into a mild moment during the carrier, while the youngest sibling Henry Mayega decided to give his existence to Christ. “In honor of my friend, brother, and first-rate man, I even have determined to accept Jesus as my private savior,” Mayega said. Ruth Nankabirwa, the Government Chief Whip, defined Nyombi as a hardworking and humble guy who by no means worried himself in media battles.

“Having worked with Peter, I noticed him in the office of the Attorney General, he was always attending meetings, answering for people, he had to convey make money working from home, and the kind of work he became doing needed a person who had support from his family. He would now not have served if his circle of relatives was not with him. I thank his spouse and children for that aid,” she stated.

Nankabirwa referred to as upon media employees to constantly suppose two times after they are writing nasty things about people because those humans have households that get harmed by what’s written. Justice and constitutional affairs minister Gen. Kahinda Otafiire informed mourners that after Nyombi changed into joining the justice ministry, a person instructed him that he was a tough man to work with. Still, he refused to concentrate on him and gave Nyombi a danger. To his wonder, Nyombi turned into a fantastic guy and a team participant.

Nyombi at glance

He turned into a trainer (Eliakim Kajja) and a housewife on April 23, 1954. He went to Nakasongola Primary School and then King’s College Budo for his secondary schooling. His lecturers further noticed him look at law at Makerere University and graduate in 1976 with a Bachelor of Laws degree. In the following 12 months, Nyombi obtained a degree in criminal exercise from the Law Development Centre (LDC). For almost a decade, for the reason that that point, Nyombi served as a kingdom lawyer inside the justice ministry’s branch of public prosecution. From 1986 until 1996, he worked as recommend inside the Inspectorate of Government, after which he served as the director of legal affairs inside the same workplace until 2001.

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