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Life Pro Tips That’ll Make You Look Like A Tech Professional In No Time

Internet Tips

Life Pro Tips That’ll Make You Look Like A Tech Professional In No Time

Life seasoned recommendations are one of the satisfactory arguments for the net making our lives better. Since reading my first lifestyles pro tip article some years ago, I’ve learned how to prevent my microwave from screaming at me and avoid sending unfinished emails through the most effective, including the recipient, once I’m done. My existence will by no means be the same. In this newsletter, we will attend on tech hints that follow the software program and hardware that pretty much anyone uses. By the top of this (optimistically), you’ll have a new arsenal of suggestions that’ll make a dwelling on this tech-ruled international even extra privileged.

1. Android – Swap Between Apps Instantly

ndroid telephones have a neat function wherein you can quickly toggle between two apps with almost no latency. All you need to do is double faucet the menu button (the rectangular software program button normally located on the bottom proper) while two or more apps are open.

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Given how fast phones are nowadays, this feature is nearly immediate, allowing you to multitask in a manner this is the subsequent nice factor to having screens.

2. Batteries – The Official Battery Charge Test

Most batteries have no way of telling you ways a great deal of energy is left. Or do they?

Grab a battery and drop it from an inch or two onto its flat backside. If it lands optimistically, then the battery is both new or gently used. If it without difficulty falls over, then get equipped to replace it. A charged battery has extra mass than a used one, permitting it to face upright a whole lot more effortlessly.

Fun fact:

This trick is used in jail while prisoners buy batteries from other inmates to ensure they aren’t getting ripped off.

3. Car – Key Remote Macros

Next time you’re close to your car, strive to tap the “unlock” button two times in a row, and also, you ought to see the passenger facet window release. If all this does is unencumber all of the doors, then try tapping the free up button and then tapping and retaining it. Most producers include this input macro as a shortcut for rolling down windows when the climate is best, yet most don’t know approximately it. Better yet, try tapping the free up button 3 times and spot what happens. ?

Tech Professional

4. Copy – Paste Without Formatting

Nobody likes to examine a messy email. Sadly, several humans replica paste immediately whilst adding content to their e-mail, resulting in more than one font and font size that produce an unprofessional mess. To keep away from this, some humans paste the content right into a layout-much less program like Notepad before copy and pasting it over a 2d time. Frankly, that is an excessive amount of paintings and, in reality, unnecessary. To replica and paste without formatting, rather than using ctrl + v to paste, use ctrl + shift + v. This will eliminate all the HTML from the content, making it ideal for adding in your emails and PowerPoint displays.

5. Internet Browser – Open Last Closed Tab

Want to restore a tab you by chance closed to your browser? Or maybe you want to peer what weird websites you had been searching at the day gone by (I recognize I do). Whatever the case, you may hit ctrl + shift + t to re-open browser tabs you’ve closed. Go ahead, strive to tap it sometimes to leap right lower back into spending hours studying World War 2 history.

6. PowerPoint – Audio, Video, And Screenshots

At this point, you likely use Google Slides on your displays, but in case you’ve caught around with PowerPoint, you may like this tip.

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Microsoft PowerPoint comes with a few first-rate recording functionalities. Jump below the Insert tab, and also, you’ll find options for now not handiest recording video but additionally narrating audio and taking screenshots. You may even use those capabilities to record footage outdoor of the utility in case you so choose.

7. Internet – Get A Discount Directly From Your ISP

The second your ISP drops a bombshell on you, saying that it’s raising your charge, don’t sit around and take this hit to your wallet. Call the enterprise’s customer support and say that you’re seeking to cancel. Virtually every company will react with the aid of imparting 10 to 20% off your charge to maintain your round.

Well performed.

8. Search – Searching Like A Pro

There are numerous syntax options on search engines like google and yahoo that permit you to be very precise approximately your search. The options indexed above are a amazing start. In addition, consider including “solved” in your search term whilst seeking out a technique to trouble, especially if it’s the generation and/or programming associated. This will assist direct you to threads, including the ones on Stack Overflow, that offer solutions to the given problem.

9. Voicemail – Woops Button

Creating a super voice recording is an often underappreciated ability. Although it takes some practice to get suitable at talking to yourself, there may be a trick that permits you to in instances while you say something silly during a recording. Instead of sending off your recoil-worth overall performance to be listened to, faucet the * (celebrity) key to cancel the recording and begin recording a new one. The listener will by no means recognize.

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