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With everything that’s at stake in these days’ tough times, it’s no surprise that employers prize correct minute-taking skills more than ever before. Minutes function an everlasting record of what was determined, what moves need to be taken, who must take them, and while. Every day, key meetings are likely taking vicinity on your office. And the decisions made because of the one’s meetings can involve millions of dollars and even change humans’ careers. That’s why the function of the minute-taker is so important.

Business Management Daily, publisher of Administrative Professional Today, designed this special report to educate you on hints and tools to take accurate, expert mins and keep time using assembly mins templates. Whether you’ve by no means taken mins before or you need to take your talents to the following level, How to Write Meeting Minutes will help you master the challenge.

Pre-assembly preparation

When simply the idea of making authentic assembly mins makes your writing hand freeze, take observe: Preparation starts offevolved nicely earlier than the assembly. In fact, 60% to 70% of a minute-taker’s only time will, in all likelihood, be spent within the pre-assembly stage, as one assembly professional pointed out. The paintings you do in this phase lay a foundation that enables make certain your success upon coming into the meeting room—download How to Write Meeting Minutes to examine 8 pre-meeting steps.

During the assembly: Minute-taking tips

Even after years of exercise, taking mins wasn’t getting any easier for Terri Michaels. “I had ended up wordy, and the mins had been on occasion 8 pages,” she says. “Each new director or company wanted them completed in another way.” Finally, she enrolled in a workshop, in which she learned that to take higher mins, “I needed to modify my listening competencies and wondering patterns, and domestic in on what became definitely being discussed.” Now Michaels makes use of those minute-taking first-rate practices:

Ask yourself, as you’re taking notes, “Will it be counted in days, two weeks, two months, years?” If sure, include it. “I nonetheless find myself setting things in my draft that don’t remember and later getting rid of them,” Michaels says. Summarize. Don’t report conversations word for word. Do report motions phrase for word and indent them for clean scanning.



Mr. Hurst made a motion to approve the 2008 ranking list. Seconded by Mr. Goodhart.


Use key phrases vs. Sentences. Tip:

Record minutes in a steno pad. On the left facet, write keywords; at the right facet, make brief notations. Want the notes to paste for your memory? Write on a coloration pad.
Keep emotions out of the minutes—yours and those of attendees. Example: “Mr. Smith, exasperated by using the discussion, left the room.

When harassed at a meeting, speak up! You’re sitting in a meeting taking the minutes when you abruptly understand you don’t understand what’s being mentioned. Speaking up to invite for clarification can be intimidating. Despite that feeling of discomfort although, it’s great to summon the courage, especially because you’re the one charged with taking formal minutes. Having a few beneficial phrases on hand can give you the confidence you want, says Jodi Glickman Brown, founding the father of communication consulting firm Great on the Job. She gives some examples in a Harvard Business Review blog submission:

“Forgive me if I’m behind the 8-ball right here. However, I’m a little confused approximately ….”
“Max, I believe this is what you said … Is that accurate?”
“I’m no longer totally sure I’m following you. Could you please recap what you just noted concerning …”
“I’m positive I’m alleged to recognize this already, but ….”
“I make an apology if this is absolutely apparent to absolutely everyone right here, but what does XYZ stand for?”

The communique veers off target—now what?

You’re taking mins in an assembly when the conversation unexpectedly goes off subject matter. Or two attendees begin to argue. To what quantity ought to you seize the communication?

“The hassle with facet conversations:

Sometimes humans simply chitchat and say nothing of value, however in other instances, they are saying something critical,” says Joan Burge, founder, and CEO of Office Dynamics. In How to Write Meeting Minutes, she hints at turning assembly conversations right into a valuable avenue map—even when the communique is difficult to music.

Sea meeting mins template to store time

At her business enterprise conferences, senior administrative assistant Amy Finelli makes use of a meeting minutes template. That manner, she will quickly ship out notes after the assembly “due to the fact I don’t ought to discern out a way to arrange the topics. And it seems the identical every time I send it out,” she says. Another “strength tool” Finelli makes use of: She maintains an MS Word template for creating nameplates, which she presents to all assembly attendees. If it’s a large meeting or if anybody is new, she says, “it’s beneficial to have nameplates for all personnel, so all of us is aware of whom they’re speaking to.”

Turn assembly minutes into motion plans.

After a meeting, everyone will scurry lower back to their desks to test electronic mail messages and resume work. They might also quickly neglect approximately the motion items they just took on. Your task? To produce mins that remind everyone what needs to take place subsequently, and guarantee that their meeting time changed into well spent. These 5 guidelines will help you prepare to put in writing mins that yield results:

Use a consistent layout.

People discuss with minutes to not forget what the group decided and who’s in charge of doing what next. Help that records come out with a steady layout that humans will see every time. Include dialogue recaps, and key them to the timetable subject matter they suit. No need to provide a phrase-for-word account (see exception in No. 3), nor need to editorialize.


“Bob feels we want to check out industry averages, as well as our business enterprise’s numbers for the past few years, before finalizing our sales desires.”

Be unique while it virtually counts.

If the group makes a prime choice, consist of synopses of the discussion’s debates and conclusions. A vague account will make your mins much less precious. List entire names and titles underneath an “Attendees” headline at the start of your mins. Should someone seek advice from your minutes two years later, he won’t realize who “Bob” has become. Present action steps and closing dates virtually with the aid of bullets, underlining, or bolding keywords. Make sure attendees can see at a glance what’s anticipated of them.

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