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How to Start a Blog Tips & Advice for Beginners


How to Start a Blog Tips & Advice for Beginners

Ever thought about beginning a weblog? It’s a wonderful manner to get your voice heard, come to be a part of a web network, or absolutely maintain an online account of your existence. It’s a laugh interest and can offer up plenty of excellent possibilities. However, it could seem very daunting with regards to starting one. We’ll talk you thru how to start a weblog and share a few running blog recommendations. We’ll also help you decide which platform is first-rate for you: WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr?

Choose a subject

The first issue you may want to determine is what your weblog goes to be about. Here at PC Advisor, masses of our writers also have blogs in their own approximately matters that hobby us outdoor of the world of technology. For example, Reviews Editor Chris Martin’s blog Alcohol by Volume is all about beer, spirits, homebrew, and song; at the same time as mine, Ashleigh Online is a bookish weblog with a hint of the lifestyle here and there. You can weblog about just about anything. It’s your slice of the net prepared so that you can put your very own stamp on it. It’s vital to pick something which you’re definitely interested in, as it’s not a laugh at all if running a blog starts to sense like a chore.

What’s a satisfactory blogging platform?

Once you’re assured that you’ve chosen what you want to blog about (you will need to pick a catchy name for your weblog, too), you can begin considering running a blog platform you want to apply to. There are four fundamental alternatives, all with quite distinct blessings. Read on to find out whether Tumblr, WordPress.Com, WordPress.Org, or Blogger is first-class for you.


We’ll start with the most casual running a blog platform of the four: Tumblr. Tumblr is more of a social network than a blogging platform. However, it’s in which many blogs start. Its feed and hashtags imply that you may get your weblog posts in front of many human beings from the beginning. Still, we have determined that it works high-quality for ‘fandoms’ (that’s what they may be calling agencies with a particular obsession with celeb, movie series, books, and many others. Members of the Harry Potter fandom name themselves ‘Potterheads’ as an instance, or Beyoncé lovers are referred to as the ‘Beyhive’). If you have selected suits into the fandom category, Tumblr is probably a top-notch region to begin your weblog. It’s also precise for those trying to submit mainly images instead of articles with plenty of textual content.


I actually have a casual blog on Tumblr that I’ve unnoticed overdue referred to as Book Spotter London. I chose Tumblr because I knew it’d be a mega casual blog that features moderately quick and easy posts that can always be the same structure. It does not require more than one category, a menu, or an extra complicated design, so it really works well as a Tumblr blog (you may click on the photo beneath to look more). And in case you do determine to go together with Tumblr, however, are involved that you may later trade your mind, you’ll be thrilled to hear that it’s pretty smooth to migrate your whole weblog over to Blogger or WordPress at a later date without losing any of its content material. You can examine more over at Tumblr itself.


Blogger is Google’s blogging platform. It’s a loose platform that genuinely calls for a Google account. The unfastened account will get you admission to a spread of templates and a URL that results in blogspot.Com, but you can pay to add your personal template and URL. There are hundreds of Blogger designers accessible with templates you may purchase for a low rate or fee if you’re seeking out something particular to you. A popular choice among splendor and way of life bloggers is Pipdig, as an example.

And if you want to shop for your very own domain call (URL), you can achieve this through Blogger itself or from the likes of GoDaddy, 123-reg, 1and1, and others for a small yearly charge. It’ll price you someplace within the area of £15 in step with 12 months to shop for your very own area name. It’s simply well worth considering, no matter what platform you choose, as it’ll make your blog that bit extra professional.

We suppose Blogger’s widespread, loose templates have a tendency to look extra dated than the ones you’ll pay for, mainly as compared with WordPress’s unfastened alternatives, which we speak more about below. One of the advantages of Blogger is that you may use Adsense, which may earn you a few more pennies thanks to advertising your blog. Like WordPress, you may get analytics to help you tune how many people are reading your posts and in which they came from. Again, there are ways to migrate from Blogger to WordPress later in case you ultimately decide it’s not proper for you.

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