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How to Convert PPT to Video with Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter


How to Convert PPT to Video with Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter

Powerpoint is usually saved in PPT format, but PPT format is not the format that is accepted at online video sharing sites. If you want to upload your PowerPoint online for others to view, you have to convert it into one of the video formats supported by the video-sharing site. Converting the powerpoints into video also allows you to embed it in your company website.

Movavi Powerpoint to Video Converter supports video formats compatible with online video sharing sites like AVI, MP4, WAV. Movavi Powerpoint to Video Converter is the software you must first download to convert your PowerPoint videos into a movie. It only charges a one-time payment, and you can use it to convert as many PowerPoint videos as you want. When the software first launch, you will see a screen with the input and output settings tab being selected.

You can click on the Browse button to locate the PPT presentation file. It is also possible to load a PowerPoint from a USB drive that is plugged into your computer. Next, you must choose the destination folder where your converted PPT file will be saved. You will find a long list of supported video formats from the presentation drop-down menu in the presentation settings tab. It also supports mobile video formats, which allow your video to be played on a mobile phone. You can set a custom resolution for the presentation by adjusting the width and height. In Advance slides, you can set the transition speed of the slides.

If you choose the manual option, the viewer can flip to another slide manually. If you select automatically, you can set the time for the slide to automatically flip to the next slide, for example, 1 second. If you choose as defined in your presentation, the transition speed will be the same as the transition speed defined in the original PPT file. Movavi  Converter can be successfully installed on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The video format for the mobile phone is different, so you should go to Devices when choosing a format that is viewable on your mobile phone.

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The Video tab should be chosen if you want to watch the video on their computer or upload them online. You may want to add a soundtrack or record your explanation over the points outlined in the PowerPoint. To add a voiceover or soundtrack, you must click on the Edit button to the video editor. There is a microphone button in the video editor that you are to click to record your voice on an external/internal microphone. If you want your PowerPoint presentation to have a soundtrack playing, you can click the Add Media button to load it into the timeline. The text function allows you to comment on your PowerPoint slides so that your audience will understand your message clearer. You can fully customize the text added to the PowerPoint, including font style and font size.

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