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Business Education in Kashmir


Business Education in Kashmir

Without an intention oriented machine of education, a society can not comprehend its socio-politico-economic objectives. To accomplish the beliefs, the satisfactory training imparted by way of academic corporations has to be enhanced. Whether there may be improved through the years, these corporations have to be annually subjected to Academic Performance Audit. Knowing about Academic Performance Audit merits a brief point out. Academic Performance Audit verifies and validates the procedures utilized by instructional businesses to enhance the greatness of their programmes with due attention to techniques hired. The reason is to display great through preset pointers for college in addition to college students and see that capable graduates and researchers are made available to society. Be it recalled that academic companies are engaged in the creation, dissemination, and extension of information in exceptional intellectual disciplines. Business Education is one in all such disciplines that provide technocrats to various segments of society. Of route, Commerce Education is the forerunner or mom area of Business Education that trains humans and enhances their accounting and managerial competencies through case research/methods in actual-existence situations.

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With the status quo of Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Hawal, Srinagar in 1961, the Commerce Education become started in Kashmir for the first time. This reflects the vision of the then governance as this area has been normally inhabited by the artisans, craftsmen, production and farm workers. For its contribution to the country domestic product through handlooms, handicrafts and horticulture sectors the vintage city additionally referred to as ‘Shahri Khass’ is well-known from times immemorial. Initially, the school for offering Commerce Education become invited from outdoor the state. The prominent among the commerce lecturers have been Dr Wajih-u-Din Jeelani (Accounting and Taxation), Dr Shani-i-Haider Naqvi (Business Management and Secretarial Practice), Dr Syed Raza Hashim (Economics and Business Statistics), Dr Mehfuz-ur-Rahman (Banking and Currency), Dr Nisar Ahmad (Accounting and Financial Management), Dr Nizam-U-Din (Hindi), Mr Ajmal Ajmali (Urdu), and so forth. Three years later, Mr. Chuni Lal Trisal (Auditing and Business Laws) a nearby, also joined the university as a college member. The first batch of distinguished college students who finished their BCom programme thru this greatest organization comprised Khurshid Ali, Peerzada Latief accompanied through Khurshid A Khan.

With the conclusion of delivered application and greater acceptability of this programme, the country government redrew the map of Business Education which started out flourishing as an academic/professional discipline within the valley. Eventually, the process of expansion began when this branch of knowledge turned into delivered in other colleges as nicely in the late Seventies. The first institution to provide Commerce with the mixture of Social Sciences as one of the subjects (then popularly referred to as Langda Commerce) become Government College for Women, MA Road Srinagar. This unnecessarily created a number of confusion. Hence, as a complete-fledged movement, this region of schooling began locating its roots in another university like Government College for Women Nawakadal, Government Degree College Bemina, Government Degree College Anantnag, Government Degree College Baramulla, and Government Degree College Spore, and many others. At the instant, this movement is taught in almost every college of Kashmir Valley. However, at masters’ degree, the Department of Commerce was released via the University of Kashmir in the early Nineteen Seventies. In pursuance of instructional desires, the Business Education turned into diversified when BBA, MBA, MFC, MTM, BCom (Vocational) and BCom (Hons) have been delivered at special colleges and universities in Kashmir. In view of the modern-day global scenario, the importance of those programmes is self-glaring.
Being part of the gadget with various coaching/research enjoy spanning over 3 many years, the writers have made numerous observations together with:

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In the past, some first-rate practices had been set up in Business Education. Before convening Board of Studies Meetings, Interactive Workshops have been prepared and business academics from colleges and university departments could be planned upon content development, transaction techniques, evaluation process, look at the cloth, direction targets, mastering reports, getting to know final results, and many others. These workshops could cause the flow of recent ideas giving Business Education an inevitable part. But as of now, shortcuts are being followed and healthful past practices had been done away with. As a sequel to it, the curriculum improvement is hit adversely;

The pedagogy followed is defective and normally trainer-focused. The teachers are syllabi-oriented and the thrust is simplest on content material coverage. Unless student-centric practice techniques are placed to practice and novices are supplied area for elevating how and why questions, the excellent schooling might be the dream. Hence, there may be a need to reactivate Business Clubs, Accounting Labs, Boardrooms, Mock Parliaments, and many others. To enrich the teaching-mastering system;
A range of PhDs had been presented thus far. Dissertations are unfolded over to masses of pages. However, the theses built have no longer discovered international concurrence primarily because there’s no addition to current fund of expertise as these reveal the simplest statement of facts;
Business academics in Kashmir submit the sort of papers in reputed journals. However, till not even an unmarried paper has observed its region in Harvard Business Review;
The system has exploited Altman, Covey, Drucker, Fayal, Kotler, Markowitz, Marshal, Maslow, Pacioli, Porter, Smith, Taylor and so on in the classroom and tested their fashions. But commercial enterprise academics (inclusive of those writers) have not been capable to speak about any person among themselves for any concept era or concept improvement;
UGC-Human Recourse Development Centre, University of Kashmir, has failed in achieving its instructional dreams. The resource individuals in addition to the contributors are inquisitive about stereotype transactions. The recourse men and women do no longer maintain current with the worldwide adjustments to motivate individuals and search for new know-how in their respective areas. The contributors, on the other hand, are more interested in getting certificates of participation that facilitate their placement and advertising;

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Usually one 1/3 of the route content material is transacted via Case Studies in a classroom setting. Business Cases from unknown surroundings (foreign) are being taken up for discussions no longer proper to the local situations. In an effort to gain competitive advantage, none of the colleges within the valley has to this point conducted any Case Writing Workshop. Consequently, the school has no longer been able to expand information in Case Formulation and Analysis. This clearly does now not pave the manner for Role Play and Brain Storming Sessions to assist Case Studies in classroom discussions;
The number one consciousness of academia is to generate thoughts. Same is real with business academics. The incubation of thoughts takes location in an educational organization for usage in policy components at country level and execution in the enterprise. Conversely, the exercise followed is that enterprise entrepreneurs are invited to planned upon simple ideas alternatively the advantages gathered from the execution of thoughts positioned forth via the academia;
The enterprise lecturers lack enterprise exposure. They do now not stay in the industry and observe its troubles. Hence, they do not provide consultancy support to any business enterprise because the exercise is in fashion some other place. The composition of Godbole and Rangarajan Committees are the eye-opener for all; and
The Business Education is a complete and complex subject as course coverage is inter-disciplinary in nature. This calls for Team Teaching-an excellent combo of lecturers, experts, practitioners-which wishes to be adhered to in an effort to gain the real academic dividends.

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