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Laptop technology graduate students named 2019


Laptop technology graduate students named 2019

I’ve pc technology graduate students on the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering, and Applied Sciences (SEAS) were named 2019 Siebel Scholars. Emma Alexander, Jaroslaw Blasio, Robert Bowden, Nam Wook Kim, and Bradley McDaniel will every receive a $35,000 award for their very last year of graduate research. They are among 96 college students who were part of beyond Siebel Scholars training to form an expert and private community of greater than 1,300 pupils, researchers, and entrepreneurs. This group brings together various business, technology, and engineering views to persuade the technology, policies, and economic and social selections that shape destiny through the program.

“Every yr, the Siebel Scholars preserve to astound me with their dedication to academics, studies, and influencing our collective destiny. This 12 months’ class is notable, and another time represents the first-class and brightest from around the arena,” stated Thomas M. Siebel, Chairman of the Siebel Scholars Foundation. “It is my high-quality pleasure to welcome these women and men into this ever-growing, lifelong network, and I individually sit up for seeing their impact and contributions spread.”

Established in 2000 using the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation, the Siebel Scholars application awards were presented to sixteen universities within the United States, China, France, Italy, and Japan. Following an aggressive evaluation system by the deans in their respective schools based on incredible instructional achievement and confirmed management, the top graduate students from 27 companion programs are decided on every 12 months. In common, Siebel Scholars rank in the top 5 percent in their magnificence, many in the maximum one percentage.

Student Biographies

Emma Alexander is a computer technological know-how Ph.D. Candidate cautioned by using Todd Zickler, William, and Ami Kuan Danoff, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is interested in computationally efficient sensing, drawing concepts from project-precise cameras in biology and computational pictures. In her Ph.D. Studies have advanced a computationally efficient depth perception method based totally on differential adjustments in image defocus.


Alexander acquired her bachelor’s degree in physics and computer technological know-how, each different from Yale University. She studied human shade belief with Steven Zucker, David & Lucile Packard, Professor of Computer Science & Biomedical Engineering. She turned into awarded an NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship in 2014. She turned into venerated for providing the Best Student Paper at the European Conference on Computer Vision in 2016 and the Best Demo at the International Conference on Computational Photography in 2018.

Jaroslaw Blasio is a pc technology Ph.D. A candidate recommended by using Jelani Nelson, John L. Loeb Associate Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He obtained his grasp’s degree from the University of Warsaw, in which he worked on structural graph ideas and glued parameter tractable graph algorithms. His present-day research interests are linked via programs of excessive dimensional chance throughout numerous areas of theoretical computer science. The middle of his studies in designing and reading streaming algorithms. For his paintings on a classical “wonderful factors hassle,” he earned the Best Student Paper award at the 2018 Symposium on Discrete Algorithms. In addition to streaming algorithms, he works on coding theory, differential privacy, and algorithms related to gadget learning (dimensionality discount and dictionary studying).

Robert Bowden is a laptop technological know-how Ph.D. Candidate, recommended by Margo Seltzer, Associate in Computer Science, Stuart Shieber, James O. Welch, Jr., And Virginia B. Welch, Professor of Computer Science. He has taken on diverse management roles within the Harvard course, Introduction to Computer Science (CS50), considering that 2010, which includes being part of a small team that developed the direction’s supplying thru edX inside the online platform’s first yr.

His research focuses on combining techniques from gadget learning and programming languages to offer focused remarks to students on insects in introductory programming submissions—mainly valuable for online students for whom office hours may not be to be had. This painting started at Microsoft Research in collaboration with Rishabh Singh. Before this, Bowden researched methods to improve particular bottlenecks in VMware’s infrastructure for keeping snapshots of digital machines. In the approaching 12 months, he’ll function as one of the two Computing Research Association Education (CRA-E) Fellows, specializing in enhancing the breadth and diversity of the pipeline of undergraduate researchers flowing into graduate colleges.

Nam Wook Kim is a Ph.D. Candidate in laptop technological know-how, advised by Hanspeter Pfister, An Wang Professor of Computer Science, Krzysztof Gajos, Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science. His research lies in human-computer interplay and statistics visualization, making complicated facts accessible to the general public. He develops interactive equipment that aids in authoring statistics-pushed memories and visual interfaces for studying and speaking truths in numerous domain names.

He taught a wintry weather direction approximately records visualization as a part of the Harvard Graduate Student Council, mentored students on research initiatives, and served as a coaching fellow for Harvard’s publications on visualization and layout of functional interactive systems. Before Harvard, Nam became a research accomplice at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and spent several years running for Samsung and LG as a studies engineer. He received a degree in computer science from Stanford University and a bachelor’s diploma pc technology and mathematics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Bradley McDaniel is a pc technology Ph.D. A candidate advised via H.T. Kung, William H. Gates Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. His studies specialize in designing novel deep getting to know architectures amenable to green hardware designs. He has recently labored on designing systolic array architectures for sparse convolutional neural networks. McDaniel received a certificate of distinction in teaching for his work as a coaching fellow for Networks Design Projects (CS 144r and CS 244r).

In this function, he mentored companies of undergraduates on their research tasks and shows. He has interned at Intel in three instances. He has applied gadget studying algorithms to a spread of troubles, from improving video encoder nice to detecting not unusual characteristics of failing multiprocessors. He led a team on a new illness analysis technology, which has been deployed into the manufacturing technique. McDaniel received his bachelor’s and grasp’s tiers in computer technological know-how from Wake Forest University.

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