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Blogger Spends Four Years Growing Her Fingernails


Blogger Spends Four Years Growing Her Fingernails

A video blogger has revealed how she has sacrificed her amazing loves – recreation and journey – for the sake of the report-breaking 12 cm fingernails she calls her “infants.”

Always recreation for fun, Elena Shilenkova, 34, from St. Petersburg, Russia, started out cultivating her brilliant talons four years in the past after a chum wagers her £2,500 that they would in no way develop longer than five cm.

Winning her bet inside a yr, and the usage of the money to assist her to save up for a new automobile, her nails persevered to grow till they made it into the 2018 Russian ebook of countrywide information.

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But keeping her curly pincers have intended making certain sacrifices, according to Elena, who said: “I love gambling tennis but I truly cannot run the danger of tripping over and having to interrupt my fall with my hands.

“I also do not truly go abroad anymore because the simplest issue I like doing on vacation is swimming within the sea.”

“I cannot swim because the risk of snapping a nail is simply too high so I don’t cross on holiday in case I’m tempted to get within the sea.”She endured: “It’s a hard activity developing your nails out. It takes plenty of willpower and commitment searching after something this is so fragile.”

“I am continuously cautious of breaking them and searching after them may be a complete-time activity.”

“Even after I’m sleeping, subconsciously, my mind is disturbing approximately them – it is why I name them my infants due to the fact I actually have to take care of them.”

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