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Blogger Raja Petra says sorry to Sikhs after turban jibe


Blogger Raja Petra says sorry to Sikhs after turban jibe

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 1 — Fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has apologized to the Sikh network today, following his racist observation on top police officer Comm Datuk Seri Amar Singh Ishar Singh’s turban. Despite that, he endured arguing that his observation was now not meant to insult Sikhism, nor changed into his goal.
“I can argue that I did not take into account my quip an insult to the Sikh faith or that this becomes not my aim. But it is not what I intended that topics, however, how what I stated changed into received,” he wrote in a publish on his Malaysia Today blog.

“And I additionally apologize to Amar Singh Ishar Singh due to the fact, as lots as I may additionally disagree with him, that disagreement should not be decreased to the level of insulting his faith. He also insisted that his apology did not come because police reviews were lodged towards him or because he allegedly obtained threats due to his remark. “I changed into told a Sikh’s turban is a completely sacred item and that they do not take too kindly to all and sundry making a laugh of it. For that, I would love to, without a doubt, apologize,” he said.

Raja Petra additionally stated he has individually apologized to minister Gobind Singh Deo and Amarjit Singh Sidhu because they had represented him as attorneys together with Manjeet Singh Dhillon and the overdue Karpal Singh. ‘Kenang Budi’ is supposed to be a Malay trait and virtue. To insult the religion of individuals who did so much for you and asked for nothing in going back isn’t always ‘kenang Budi’. It is the opposite of ‘Penang Budi’,” he said. Yesterday, Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind had slammed Raja Petra’s observation, calling it “uncalled for”.

He also reiterated the need for laws to adjust hate speech that could have an extraterritorial reach to prosecute offenders from distant places since the blogger is thought to be dwelling inside the United Kingdom. Last Friday, Amar criticized Raja Petra for alleging RM43. In May, three million were stolen by the police following the raids on former high minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s premises, calling it “baseless and truly ludicrous”.


How To Be A Better Blogger From Today

Blogging has turned out to be a rather powerful tool for organizations. It’s very low-value, requiring handiest a domain and a hosting account to get started. But even though running a blog is a trustworthy process, it wishes an affordable amount of labor. While writing a weblog is clear-cut, getting the traffic and the sales out of your weblog which you need is a more difficult venture. If you have been blogging for a while and you’re no longer experiencing the web page site visitors or profits numbers you would like, here are 5 ways that you may come to be a better blogger.

1. Update Your Content Frequently

There’s nothing worse than sacrificing site visitors you’ve worked tough to herald sincerely because you do not replace your weblog. You won’t submit every unmarried day, but you may be positive that your readership will fall off if you only publish as soon as in keeping with a month. Readers like the new content material, and they may pass in which they can get it. If you have difficulties with time to put in writing new content, hire a freelancer to produce content material for you every day. Outsourcing makes it feasible to unfastened up your time for other obligations that require your attention.

2. Network With Others

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are great approaches to link up with new and existing business companions, customers, and potentialities. Once you increase a network of people with similar enterprise likes and dislikes, you could post matters to anyone in your community. Not only will they skip it if they prefer it, however, but their social media connections will also see it on their page too.

3. Take Notice Of Your Readership

When humans comment on your blog, they commonly need you to reply to them. Some ask questions, and some need to allow you to know that they agree or disagree with what you’ve got written. Attempt to talk with them. Their comments can push the manner your weblog will take in the future if you need to keep them as readers and increase your traffic.

4. Mix Up Your Content

Don’t just restrict your content to textual content. Content may be studied, watched, and listened to. Think approximately doing a video blog post. Video blogs occasionally referred to as vlogs are high-quality to boost engagement and speed up emblem attention. A video is shared and engaged with greater regularity than text.

5. Keep Your Adverts To A Minimum

Advertisements are a way for bloggers to make money with their websites. But in case you submit too many, website site visitors can be removed. You need your content material to be the most crucial enchantment. If the ads fit together with your blog area of interest, it’s good; however, handiest place a couple on the pinnacle of the page in case you want them to be clicked regularly using visitors

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