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All About News Networks in Hawaii

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All About News Networks in Hawaii

The best 5 ways to start to learn to earn are:

Sell things on eBay; this way, you will also learn about PayPal and payment systems. If you have already sold items on eBay, go to number 2. There should be something you can sell on eBay? Open an eBay account and then work through their literature and help guides: ‘How do I sell on eBay’, ‘Getting Started’, ‘Creating a seller’s account’, ‘Selling using a reserve price’, ‘Selling using a fixed price’. Try not to be tempted to buy bargains as you browse eBay; you are supposed to make money, not spend it.

Learn about Google’s AdSense.

The best way to learn is to have a Google blog (blogger.com). Follow the instructions and make your blog. Then click on ‘monetize’ and read about AdSense, and put it on your blog. AdSense is a perfect revenue-sharing opportunity that can be used on both websites and blogs. It enables you to earn money by having ‘targeted text’ and image adverts on your blog. As people read your blog, they see an advert or text advertising a product. As visitors to your site click on and use these adverts, you get a revenue share. Google does all the hard work; it chooses the adverts to put on your blog based on the content in the blog and only advertises items it considers your visitors may be interested in. By using Google AdSense on your blog, you can read the guides and information about AdSense, which include

How much will you earn?
Information about the Google AdSense Program Policies
When do you get paid?
There is also an AdSense Help Centre.

Learn about affiliate deals.

If you do not have a small website yet, learn by using your blog. Google ‘Amazon affiliate program for blogger’‘. You can then follow the instruction on how to create an Amazon Associates account directly on blogger. Follow the instructions and learn how to earn by being an affiliate.



Sell things using PayPal buttons.

If you have a blog or website and have a product you can sell, you can add PayPal buttons instead of having a full shopping cart. You add some code to your blog; to do this, open a PayPal account and then look for a YouTube video ‘Adding PayPal Buttons To Your Blog – Blogger 2.0’ or just ‘Adding PayPal Buttons To Your Blog’ You can make your blog look and behave like a website, and have several pages. Look through all the blogger templates, either blogger and then or Google “blogger templates”, perhaps try this term in Google images.

After becoming familiar with blogs in Hawaii blogger and using blogger templates, consider having your own website if you have a product or a service. You can now buy a domain name for around £10.00, and the company that sells the name often gives you low-cost hosting and helps you help to build your website. You would typically use one of their (free?) templates. Once you have your website, you can now use all your knowledge about AdSense, affiliates, and shopping cart buttons, or even have a full shopping cart. You can also make money by writing articles and news stories, which can be used either by an SEO Company (search engine optimization), e-zines, or for fast-growing internet news websites.

Susan M. Davis

Tv expert. Proud web nerd. Friend of animals everywhere. Hipster-friendly coffee trailblazer. Spent college summers short selling clip-on ties in Hanford, CA. Spent two years developing jack-in-the-boxes for fun and profit. At the moment I'm merchandising human growth hormone in Prescott, AZ. Spent several years implementing birdhouses for the underprivileged. Had some great experience lecturing about spit-takes worldwide. What gets me going now is building chess sets in the aftermarket.