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Why Is My Mac Running Slow? Simple Tips To Speed Up Your Mac!


Why Is My Mac Running Slow? Simple Tips To Speed Up Your Mac!

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than a slow computer, especially an Apple Mac. It is common knowledge that every computer will dip in performance at some point. Just like humans, the older a machine gets slow, it becomes. I don’t know if it is the prestigious reputation or the wallet-emptying cost of this brand name, but I always find it a bit more infuriating when my Mac runs slow. If you are currently at your wit’s end and putting up with a snail pace Apple Mac, listen up as here are some simple tips to speed up your tired machine.

Tip 1

We can look at several things to find out what is causing your Mac to slow down considerably. The first is to look at how many windows and applications you are running at any one time. The Mac indeed boasts of being able to perform many complicated tasks at a time. In the beginning, this function does work well, but as the mothmonthsl on and your Mac’s disk space begins to fill up with the latest apps and movie downloads, the ability to run programs side by side will start to get a bit foggy. Just like us, the fewer tasks we take on board at once, the better we will perform at them. The same goes for a computer. I recommend that you have no more than two programs open at any one time.

Tip 2

Perhaps it is not so much your mac desktop that is driving you barmy, but the slow Internet browser. If you are adamant that you’re a poor Internet provider causing these problems, then let’s take a look at your mac. If this is the case, there are several things we can try to tackle this problem.


While surfing the web, it is best to limit your tabs and windows to as few as possible. The more you have open, and the more pages are loading simultaneously, the slower the mac’s performance will be.


Tip 3

When was the last time you cleaned out and deleted your browsing history and cache? If you are wrecwrackingr your brain for answers, then it must have been a long time ago. Just like cleaning out your hard drive, it is essential to de-clutter the memory of your browser. Think about how many pages you flick through a day on the internet, now calculate over just one month, how many cached images and history are getting stored on your browser? I bet a lot. You need to delete this info by clicking on the name of your browser in the toolbar and then clicking on preferences. It will then give you options to delete the cache and history. If, after all this, your internet is still loading poorly, then I suggest trying a different browser. The top browsers for mac are Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. They naturally have a lot of snappier speed than the default Safari.

Saving The Best Till Last, Fourth And Final Tip

If, After going through all the simple tips above and you still have no luck, there is only one thing left to do – clean your Mac. I don’t mean get out your flash and feather duster; it is not the outside of the computer causing Mac Running Slow; it is the inside. 99.9% of the time, a slow mac computer is due to a clogged up hard drive. Countless files, folders, data, apps, and software’s that we didn’t even know we had, get lost inside your computer, taking up valuable space and causing your whole computer to slow down.

Luckily there is a straightforward solution to fix this, use a mac cleaner. All the best cleaning software provides a FREE Trial, so you don’t need to spend any money. I used Mac cleaning software’s and let’s say this; I wish I had discovered it sooner! It cleared off an impressive 45GB of space, and my Mac was only 6moths old. I had no idea I had that much rubbish stored. After a good clean at the click of a button, my beloved Mac is running as good as new. So if all else fails, downloading a Mac cleaner is the way to go!

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