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Top 7 Interesting Facts about French Riviera


Top 7 Interesting Facts about French Riviera

Planning a luxurious foreign tour, including French Riviera on your list, is a good idea. It is a place for celebrities around the world, especially during Cannes. All of you are aware of the International Cannes Film Festival. French Riviera is located on the Mediterranean coastline and at the border of France. Locals call this place Cote d’Azur. To make your vacation glamorous and lavish, you can book luxury homes on French Riviera. It is true that this place is costly and made for celebrities, but if you visit here, you will feel like a movie star yourself.

But, before visiting a place, you need to know the area more deeply. While you visit a foreign land, you must know about the local culture, tradition, people, food habits, and many other things to get the best experience from your tour. Today, you will get to know certain interesting but unknown facts about French Riviera, which may turn you into a learned guide. Read on to learn more-

1. Citizens of Monaco Are Prohibited to Enter the Monte Carlo Casino

While visiting French Riviera, you must go to the Monte Carlo casino. After Las Vegas, this is the most popular destination for gamblers worldwide. But, things are not the same for the citizens of Monaco. Gambling is prohibited in Monaco. That’s why; people of this state are not allowed to enter the casino. The law was enforced till the 19th Century, when the ruling family, the House of Grimaldi, faced bankruptcy. Prince Caroline moved the casino from Germany to Monaco, so she abandoned her fellow citizens to stay away from gambling and save as much as possible. The rule is still in execution.


2. French Riviera is the Second-Most Popular Destination in France

Paris is already leading the list of the most popular destination in France. French Riviera comes in second place. The picturesque beauty of the site and the traditional buildings and artifacts will blow your mind. While it has France’s aroma, you can also get the unique flavor of the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Undoubtedly, French Riviera is one of the most visited places in France. According to statistics from 2017, this place has attracted around 89 million visitors.

3. Grasse Is the Perfume Capital of France

France is a country of beautiful essence and aroma. Since the medieval era, this country has produced different perfumes that have won millions’ hearts. Grasse is the perfume capital of France, aka the entire world. With 2,700 people, the city attracts millions of tourists to visit amazing shops, museums, and factories. To have the best experience of the city, you can go for a guided tour. From the Renaissance Period till today, Grasse has been upholding the popularity of creating world-famous aromas for perfume lovers.

4. 300 Days of Sunshine

Yes, you can call French Riviera by this name. The country is awesome, and there are millions of reasons behind it. The sun shines brightly throughout the year, making the French Riviera so dear to top-class celebrities worldwide. Rich and famous people have a thing for French Riviera, so they prefer this place for a vacation. As the sun glares brightly, sunbathing on the long stretched beaches is one of the best pastimes for tourists.

5. French Riviera Has Always Been Inspiration for the Artists

French Riviera has been immensely famous among French artists for 100 years, not only celebrities. You will know Claude Monet’s name if you are an art connoisseur or an art lover. This famous French artist resided in Antibes and got inspired by the beauty of the village. He presented the town from different artistic angles in each of his paintings. Besides him, Antibes has also been home to another famous painter, Picasso, who lived here for six months in Chateau Grimaldi. You can visit the renowned museum in this place, dedicated to him only.

6. Nice Carnival Is a Must Visit

If you plan to visit French Riviera, schedule a tour during Nice Carnival. After Venice and Brazil Carnival, this is the third-best carnival in the world. Each year, the festival is organized and is based on a theme. This year, the theme is ‘King of Energy.’ With festive crowds, lots of flowers, and dancers, this carnival will be a lifetime experience for visitors. The extravaganza you can experience here will be more than awesome.

7. Foods Won’t be Served from 2 PM to 7 PM

Being a tourist, you should follow the norms of a country. And when it is France, the rules and regulations may seem a bit strict and weird. If you want to visit restaurants or open-air food joints between 2 PM and 7 PM, you will get disappointed. They won’t serve food within this hour. Their service begins again at 7 PM. So, here you get certain amazing facts about French Riviera. If you plan to visit French Riviera now, knowing these facts will help you have the best experience in the country. Author Bio: Seema Gurnani is a famous food and travel blogger and is well known for her travel blogs about India.

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