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The Need for Mobile Security Applications


The Need for Mobile Security Applications

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to access your confidential information or corrupt mobile data. Along with creating a smartphone with the best features, mobile manufacturers also focus more on security. But these inbuilt security features fail to withstand growing cyber threats. One cannot completely rely on these inbuilt features. There are various security apps developed for both Android and iOS. Some malicious apps and websites can infect your mobile phones with viruses. You can download mobile security apps to secure your phones from thefts, threats, and viruses.

Benefits of Mobile Security Apps –

JioSecurity App –

There are many such mobile security apps that you can install to prevent your 4G mobile from different threats. But JioSecurity is one solution app to all kinds of mobile thefts and cyber threats. It is a mobile security & antivirus app that ends all your concerns about mobile security. It supports up to 10 devices with one JioSecurity subscription.

Features of JioSecurity App –

Anti-Theft –

Mobile thefts have become a common occurrence these days, but with the JioSecurity app, you can find and protect your lost phone. If you ever lose your phone, you can remotely lock it. Also, the app activates an alarm to locate your phone if it is nearby. Also, you can trace the location of your lost phone on the map.

Mobile Security

Web Protection –

We consume a lot of information from the internet via web browsers. But sometimes, while browsing through various web pages, we can land on malicious web pages and can infect our phones. For this purpose, JioSecurity has this web protection feature to protect your phone from such malicious codes.

Wi-Fi Security –

Your home Wi-Fi connections are less likely prone to cyber threats than public Wi-Fi. So this app has a feature that secures your personal information while you are accessing public Wi-Fi. Also, it helps you identify if the Wi-Fi you are connected to is secure or not.

Malware Scan –

Sometimes, you download malware apps that can hamper your device. Using malware scan, you can scan the downloaded apps to prevent viruses, spyware, threats, etc., from infecting your device. You can avail yourself of all these features of the JioSecurity app only if you are on the Jio network. If you are on any different network operator, you will need Jio ID credentials to use this app. Jio has the world’s largest data network, allowing you to access all the premium features of the JioSecurity app efficiently. They have online mobile recharge options for both prepaid and postpaid connections. Now we all know why mobile security is integral and how the JioSecurity app can be used to keep your devices away from prying eyes and hackers.

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