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What to Know Before Moving to the “City of Angels”

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What to Know Before Moving to the “City of Angels”

The city of Angels, or Los Angeles, California, is a coastal city in Southern California that is known most for Hollywood, wealthy parties in the hills, and the Los Angeles Lakers. This is the one city that is probably most well known for its slogan. Let’s see what you should know before moving to Los Angeles.

los angelesWell, There’s the San Andreas Fault

This fault line extends about 750 miles throughout California. And we all know that with tectonic plates, there come earthquakes. California is constantly experiencing earthquakes, even some so small that you don’t feel them. I have experienced this in California, and it is quite a crazy experience.

And while there hasn’t been anything catastrophic to happen as of yet, however, the fault may have experienced enough stress to create a magnitude 7.0 earthquake or higher. The risk is most significant in the Los Angeles area, where there is the most pressure. This part of the plate hasn’t seen any shift in over 300 years and is due for an adjustment. You should know where your local fallout shelter is and how to hunker down if the earth starts moving.

Without being able to predict the future, theories of when this event can happen in the future are pretty fruitless. As we try our best to measure and predict these events, geologists know that pinpointing an exact time of when something will happen is impossible, and we will have to prepare our best as we wait.

The Weather is the Best

As you’ve browsed Los Angeles apartments for rent, you’ve come across some of the most visually striking areas you’ve ever seen. Lost Angeles weather, land structure, culture, and beaches give you that fantastic feeling of being a kid on vacation every day. Just sun in the sky and sand in my hair. Well, this time around, maybe no sand in the hair.

Sometimes Los Angeles can experience droughts that are especially difficult for the residents and businesses of the area. But besides issues such as that, the weather is perfect. It’s always warm days and cool nights. You can wear a tank top and shorts and not sweat too much while you catch a tan. Then you can pop on a hoodie at night with a slight salty breeze. It’s absolute bliss.

Another aspect of the climate of Los Angeles is the city’s priority in preserving what it can. Los Angeles is a progressive city in a very liberal state, with legitimate plans to take care of their city. There is an effort to clean up carbon emissions and find reliable water supplies. As mentioned above, droughts can hurt towns in desert areas pretty hard.

Everyone Hustles

There could be several factors at play here. First, making an affordable wage doing one job that you love to do is not a reality for the majority of people. Second, this is a city of opportunity in which everyone is looking to make something of themselves. With these factors, you’ll find that everyone has a few things they are into and possibly earn some money from.

Besides the aspiring actors, there are plenty of professional sports industries, musical producers, and other prominent art initiatives that are available for young dreamers to achieve. Fashion, food, and culture are in every corner of Los Angeles, so there’s no wonder why everyone has their hands in a few pots.

You may find that your neighbor works at a pet store, sells candles at the beach, and works as a professional embroiderer on Sundays. You never know what you’ll get, and that is precisely what you should expect! That’s a great way to wrap up living in Los Angeles.

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