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Over ninety five pct of companies in Turkey use Internet

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Over ninety five pct of companies in Turkey use Internet

The Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) introduced Sept. 12 that ninety-five .3 percentage of businesses in Turkey with at least 10 men and women hired used the Internet in 2018. TÜİK stated that ninety-three .7 percentage of organizations used the broadband connection to get the right of entry to the Internet — 9.Four percent of organizations used with as a minimum 100 Mbit/s download velocity. According to the institute’s use of records and communication era (ICT) by way of firms survey, a proportion of the enterprises the use of a laptop is 97 percent this yr. TÜİK cited that sixty-six. 1 percent of organizations had the website while the best internet site ownership ratio became 87. Eight percent in corporations with 250 or extra employees in 2018 “nine.8 percent of companies acquired orders for services or products via internet websites, ‘apps’ or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in 2017,” it said.

“This percent was 21. Eight percentage in firms with 250 or extra employees, at the same time as 12.1 percentage in companies with 50-249 personnel, nine percent in companies with 10-49 men and women employed,” the institute added. “According to the survey outcomes for the 12 months 2018, eleven.6 percent of organizations hired ICT experts whose most important activity is to develop, operate or keep ICT systems or packages,” it stated, noting that this ratio changed into 10.Eight percent a final year. TÜİK also stated that 1 out of three firms that recruited or tried to recruit ICT professionals suggested tough to fill vacancies -lack or too low quantity of candidates, required abilities now not available or no longer absolutely suitable, loss of work enjoy inside the field, excessive salary request

Stuffed like Granny’s Thanksgiving Turkey

Making Money Online. Mmmm, doesn’t that sound extremely good! Easy cash, right? Well, perhaps it can be in step with millionaire internet pioneer Marc Ostrofsky. In his e-book, Get Rich Click, Ostrofsky gives more than one beneficial thought and examples of folks who used them to make money on the line, big money. Additionally, to several pages of accolades at the e-book (mainly from other successful online marketers), the book includes 17 full chapters of methods to destroy the internet financial market probably. Mr. Ostrofsky additionally offers the reader enter on growing a mindset to get into this commercial enterprise, plus loads of references to resources for tools or extra data.

What I liked about this ebook is the truth. This does certainly supply the goods. The strategies supplied are confirmed methods for getting cash on the internet. Ostrofsky gives you enough information about the method to, as a minimum, get you started, need to you wish to pursue in addition. So concerning the quantity, this ebook is an arm-down winner. If I sat down and wrote out a listing of every single manner, you are probably capable of making cash on the internet, from selling personal items on eBay to selling domain names for thousands and thousands of dollars (Ok maybe the domain call for hundreds of thousands of bucks is not up for grabs anymore – except you’re preserving your eye on the future of the dotMobi domain names), I do not think I ought to have protected the sector any better than this ebook does.


The other issue I preferred approximately this book is the sources furnished. Within every technique described inside the e-book, Ostrofsky does an amazing job of providing links to resources for tools or providers that can be precious to the amateur entrepreneur. Additionally, at the end of the e-book, there may be a whole bankruptcy committed to useful resource and supplier records.

Because Get Rich Click is packed with data that serious lookers for net opportunities ought to gain from, I relatively recommend it. I applaud the author’s style of offering essential key cleaning tactics to observe numbered sequences or bullet factors. As a person who reads a lot of technical records on the net or in books, it’s far cleaner to look the steps damaged down into little chunks that might be smooth to study and digest. The e-book is also broken down into small subchapters, so it goes pretty brief, and for those of us who could only be interested in one specific technique or two, the e-book is laid out to accommodate them without problems. I do not advise this direction because you may not get your cash’s worth from the book by just cherry-picking a technique.

Now my Grain of Salt

Despite my advice of the book, to provide an honest warning for each person with their hand hovering over the “buy now” button on Amazon, I would love to factor out a few matters I did now not like approximately the e-book.

First – even though the ebook seems to be prepared in a pleasant wellknown Microsoft Word Outline with titles, and sub-titles with textual content attached, occasionally, the enterprise of the writer’s mind gets a bit off the direction. For instance, within the chapter titled “Collecting Your Payments – Fast and Easy”, the author gets into gathering charge with credit playing cards and using drop shipping, and so forth.

So some distance, so exact. But then, right inside the middle of that, he affords ago with the flowchart and an idea about Database Marketing and talks approximately the qualifying and selling leads. What? What does this must do with getting paid? I discovered examples of this ADD writing fashion throughout the ebook, which can be extra attributed to awful enhancing than horrific authoring. However, either manner, it does do away with from the float pretty a chunk.

Second – you can not get via the ebook without feeling a touch bit snookered either. Clearly, some of the references furnished via the writer must be acquired via a hyperlink back to his internet site. No doubt, this is for a monetary affiliation with that referenced product or service. While the book IS approximately being profitable online and I can not fault the writer for seeking to make money as he proposes to you, the reader, it might be so fresh from studying an ebook approximately on-line advertising and market often or monetizing this is sincerely altruistic from the author (like they declare they may be.)

“I made money, so I want to offer back, blah, blah, blah.” Please make no mistake about it; besides the income, Ostrofsky is making from book income, his goal is connecting to you, the reader, as a capability earnings source. So, preserve that during mind. I, in my opinion, do not have an issue with it, and albeit, given the threat, I would possibly do the identical aspect myself. Still, it’s quality to dream of actually giving people whose most effective motive is to offer lower back to the network.

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