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My Unbeatable Wardrobe With Payne Glasses


My Unbeatable Wardrobe With Payne Glasses

I used to go to the eyeglass store, pay a fortune for a pair of glasses, and come out furious at the price. Last year I spent $250 on a thin framed team with no addon features: just the frame and the lenses. And as I was walking to my car, I thought, “there’s no way this cost even $100 to make, and even then, I’m paying more than double!”. I went home and started researching how much glasses cost to make, and I found out that the answer was no! Many companies sell drinks with the same features and designs for $40 or less, like Payne Glasses, which outfitted me with a nice $40 progressive blue blockers pair. I got the team and the blue light filtering that would have otherwise cost me a small fortune at one of the more prominent companies for what seemed to me like nothing!

Payne Glasses

How Is That Possible?

Let me tell you how this is all possible. A small handful of big companies like Luxottica, Safilo, Fielmann, Rodenstock, De Rigo, Eschenbach, Grand vision, and a few others control more than 40% of the eyeglass market. If you have never heard of them, that’s because these are the parent companies of the brands you know. For example, Luxottica owns the Lenscrafters store brand and individual eyeglass brands like Armani, Brooks Brothers, and Chanel. Not just those three. But do you know what that means? It means that for most people, whenever you go to buy glasses, it hardly matters which store you go to because, statistically speaking, they are all owned by the same company. You go to one store; you don’t like the price, leave, go to another store, and the price is the same. And you end up paying because you don’t have the time to hop from store to store and talk to each clerk every time!

That’s All In The Past, Though, For Me, At Least

So I fancy myself a fashionable person. At the very least, I make some effort to look good. I was tired of the idea that we always have to wear the same glasses no matter what, so I bought myself three pairs of Payne Glasses in three different colors to mix and match with more of my clothes.

Susan M. Davis

Tv expert. Proud web nerd. Friend of animals everywhere. Hipster-friendly coffee trailblazer. Spent college summers short selling clip-on ties in Hanford, CA. Spent two years developing jack-in-the-boxes for fun and profit. At the moment I'm merchandising human growth hormone in Prescott, AZ. Spent several years implementing birdhouses for the underprivileged. Had some great experience lecturing about spit-takes worldwide. What gets me going now is building chess sets in the aftermarket.