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Duracell forays into cellular strength


Duracell forays into cellular strength

The Duracell power banks include protection towards quick circuit, Overvoltage, Output overload, Over temperature protection, Cable loop protection, Overcharge or discharge on the cellular degree, Over and underneath voltage on the enter, Under temperature operation, Dual safety circuits, and is flame retardant. Leading producer of batteries and rechargeable, Duracell has entered the cell electricity section for the primary time with Duracell Powerbanks. The Duracell Powerbanks are available in 3 unique battery capacities and will be available exclusively thru Amazon India for a starting rate of Rs 999.

The Duracell Powerbank powers up your smartphone 2x quicker than a normal 5W wall-set-up socket. Duracell’s Powerbanks are like-minded with Apple, Android, and maximum USB-powered gadgets. Any of the three gadgets can rate phones up to 30, consistent with the cent in 20 minutes. The most high-priced of the three – the Duracell 10050mAh Powerbank could be capable of electricity up to a cell cellphone instance faster than a normal wall-hooked-up socket giving consumers seventy-two hours greater speak and surf time.

The Duracell power banks include ten protection features together with safety towards brief circuit, Overvoltage, Output overload, Over temperature protection, Cable loop protection, Overcharge or discharge on the mobile level, Over and underneath voltage at the enter, Under temperature operation, Dual protection circuits and is flame retardant.

Speaking approximately the launch, Duracell Marketing Director for the Middle East and India, David Abraham, stated, “In launching Duracell Powerbanks in India, we are catering to the needs of the client dwelling in nowadays’s speedy-paced global and continuously multitasking on their smartphones. Our new cellular Powerbank empowers customers to get on with their busy lives without worrying about their telephones losing their charge. The Powerbank additionally sports more than one security function to hold protection as a concern. Light in weight, it has the trademark Copper Top layout this is synonymous with Duracell”.


The new Duracell Powerbanks may be priced at Rs 999, Rs 1,499, and Rs 1,999 for the 3,350mAh, 6700mAh 10,050mAh units, respectively, on Amazon India exclusively. All three power banks will come with a 3-12 months guarantee and can be had from October 10.

Advantages of Cellular Glass Insulation

Not all varieties of insulation are used in residential homes. Some extra high-priced and greater excessive-tech alternatives are mainly reserved for business uses. Companies that have special, hard-to-insulate gadgets or that need to install great roof insulation must look into cellular glass insulation. FOAMGLAS Insulation made through Pittsburgh Corning Corporation is one example of what is to be had. This is the primary corporation that manufactures insulation of this type.

Crushed glass is heated to excessive temperatures, and the melted glass is mixed with a cellulating agent and put into molds. The combination expands to fill the molds because it cools, forming the cell glass insulation. The fundamental products that might be made are blocks (either flat or tapered) and roof insulation boards (also flat or tapered and blanketed on the outdoor with an aggregate of Kraft paper and asphalt). However, because this sort of insulation is used on all forms of oddly fashioned pipes and equipment, you may also get it specifically made into whatever length and form you need.

There are several blessings to the use of cellular glass insulation. First of all, it’s miles moisture resistant, and it floats. It is also flame-resistant, so it can be utilized in scorching temperatures without catching fire, and it can assist in keeping fires from spreading. It can also be powerful in frigid temperatures, which is not authentic of most kinds of insulation. You can use this insulation within a temperature range of -450 levels F to 900 levels F.

The range of temperatures offers it an advantage over other insulation, including calcium silicate, mineral wool, and fiberglass, which may be used in slightly better temperatures, but now not in colder temperatures. Finally, it’s far very robust. When it comes to roofing insulation, gypsum board is the best type with better compressive power. However, cellular glass insulation is a better insulator.

There are many uses for this type of insulation, particularly amongst organizations that want a kind of insulation with its specific residences. In industrial homes, it is used for fireproof constructing panels as well as for green roof insulation. Other uses include insulating uniqueness piping operations, including chilled water pipes and systems, cold process pipes and equipment, ethylene plant pipes and gadgets, warm oil piping and gadget, LNG piping and tank bases, stainless-steel warm water traces, and underground steam distribution.

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