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Comparing 10 Tape Emulation Plugins


Comparing 10 Tape Emulation Plugins

Saturation is a vital device for achieving expert-level sonics—indeed, complete careers were made by innovative improvement of precise strategies and tactics to harmonic color. Since the start of the modern recording industry, the sounds of tape, tubes, and transistors being driven past their limits had been a fundamental part of the track emanating from your audio system. This harmonic distortion is the essence of what makes analog hardware sound so musical and appealing to the ears.

While there are numerous ways to add such harmonics to any signal chain, the use of an analog tape system isn’t feasible for artists making track these days. Thankfully, many virtual plugins emulate analog saturation. Today, we are highlighting tape saturation plugins—emulations of the specific form of saturation. At the same time, the incoming audio sign has surpassed the bounds of analog tape, developing a regularly appealing, subtle, and heat distortion effect. Below, we will listen to how a set of tracks tackle special traits as they may be run via 10 distinct tape saturation plugins.

Last 12 months, audio engineer and document producer Slade Templeton, wrote: “How to Use Saturation to Bring Warmth to Your Mixes.” In that article, he details what sort of saturation works quality for which use-case and the way to set up those one-of-a-kind strategies directly to your virtual audio pc.

Today, for this decidedly extra demonstrative tape saturation showdown, I pulled some multi-tracks from a current project I produced for 2 Chicago artists, Brazill and Cheri Soul. I processed the audio from the guitar, drums, vocals, keys/synths, and the master-track mixes thru 10 of my favored tape saturation plugins on Reverb. (Along this course, I crafted custom Reverb Exclusive presets for each processor, which is to be had without spending a dime here.) Listen to the personal device and master mixes here to begin.


Featuring corporations from all around the globe, the subsequent plugin manufacturers all have a one-of-a-kind takes on what they desired in a tape saturator device—from the product design standards and virtual signal processing to the settings interfaces and extra. Each one adds an exceptional harmonic color and character to the audio. I’ve run the same tracks from Brazill and Cheri Soul thru every one of these plugins—take a look at the embedded playlists under to pay attention to these processors in movement.

AudioThing Reels things off; we’ve got an emblem-new release from one among my favorite brands making precise, considerate processors, AudioThing. From Ireland, using way of Italy, Carlo Castellano has evolved a lovely line of man or woman-driven sound design gear. This new tape machine emulation plugin, AudioThing Reels, is no exception. Tape saturation and tape postpone plugin; this component recreates the particular sound of a purchaser-grade mini tape recorder.

AudioThing Type A inspired the Dolby A-Type Model 361 tape encoder. The original unit was designed to be a noise discount system for tape recording and playback. This processor from AudioThing emulates the encoding level, dynamically increasing the pinnacle-end of a sign like a dynamic EQ without introducing artifacts or changing the harmonic content material. Although no longer technically an instantaneous tape emulation, this plugin emulated the encoding saturation tone of certain tape recordings and became worth inclusion for this very acquainted Tape Machine Emulation.

This Swedish agency, Softube, is usually on the top in their game, and the Softube Tape plugin is proper on track. The tape includes three special tape device sorts in one plugin. Type A is primarily based on a classic Swiss high-give-up reel-to-reel gadget, acknowledged and cherished for its precision and linearity. Type B is tons more colorful—it is a transformer-based device, which adds more weight and cream to the low-give-up. Lastly, Type C is primarily based on a British tape gadget with a distinct vintage Tape Machine Emulation.

A traditional remake of every other traditional with this Eddie Kramer-recommended Waves plugin. The Waves Kramer Master Tape is modeled on an unprecedented antique 1/four” reel-to-reel gadget used in London’s famed Olympic Studios. With adjustable tape pace, bias, flux, wow and flutter, and noise parameters, the Kramer Master Tape provides complete manage Tape Emulation.

From top-of-the-line multi-music consoles to humble cassette decks, this tape device emulation from the German mainstays u-he gives nearly infinite flexibility with its characteristic offerings. A harmonic shade tool that celebrates all the historical trends in tape generation, the u-he Satin Tape Emulation consists of saturation, temporary smoothing, compression, noise modulation, flutter, and hiss. It additionally gives you controls over delay Tape Saturators.

This very simple but powerful tape gadget emulation from German outfit Black Rooster Audio is simple for someone simply stepping into the sector of saturation emulations. The Black Rooster Audio Magnetite Tape Saturator maintains it easy with simply the vital controls, including recording and playback amplifier benefit, tape reaction and saturation, NAB pre-and de-emphasis EQs, extraordinary tape speeds, bias tiers, hiss, and hum. Loud harmonics at the twist of a knob.

IZotope Ozone 8 Vintage Tape

Inspired with the aid of the innovative Studer A810 tape device, known for outstanding frequency response even on the crucial high- and low-frequency variety limits, Boston-based iZotope does an extraordinary module for analog tape sound interior in their already amazing iZotope Ozone eight Advanced mastering suite. I suppose that this module is without a doubt slept on as it’s implanted in a far large software program presenting. However, I use this often, as it sounds truly excellent when you push input force nearly to the max and then walk it back until you get that favored Tape Saturator.

A precision model of the very system used to record some of the greatest masterpieces in contemporary music, Waves modeled the Studer J37 tape machine used at Abbey Road Studios with their Waves J37 Tape Saturator plugin. With a spread of person-adjustable controls such as tape speed, bias, noise, saturation, and wow and flutter, that is a devoted pastime of the sonic signature of the original system—with an introduced tape put off the characteristic throw in, just for kicks.

FabFilter Saturn by way of the Dutch masters FabFilter, this multi-saturation modeler aims to quench all of your harmonic distortion thirsts. The FabFilter Saturn Saturation and Distortion offers a selection of various perfect distortion models, stimulated through the antique sound of tubes, tape, and guitar amps. In addition, you furthermore may get three innovative distortion styles, with which you can smudge, stretch, overwhelm, rectify, and clip your sounds in weird and surprising ways.

BeatSkillz REELight device comes immediately from Los Angeles via India enterprise beat skills. The REELight Tape Saturation is a tape saturation plugin with many functions for getting a true tape sound. Using their proprietary RTT era, which they also used in their exquisite Valvesque, their tube version of this harmonic color device, like the Magnetite plugin mentioned earlier, is a completely trustworthy tape system emulation. Turn a few knobs and get a pleasant and clean-to-use saturation sound for any use case.

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