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Colt’s Having A Forgetful Season


Colt’s Having A Forgetful Season

The NFL picks today seem tricky as we focus on the Colts’ disastrous run in the NFL season. It’s been a terrible run for the Indianapolis Colts, who had many changes made at the beginning of the season alone.


A Quarterback Issue

This time, the Colts have made yet another change at quarterback following a poor, turbulent, and potentially disastrous season.

On Wednesday, interim head coach Jeff Saturday revealed that Nick Foles would start for Indianapolis against the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night. Foles is the second quarterback to take over as a starter this season after Matt Ryan was traded, and it appears that Super Bowl LII’s Most Valuable Player is certain to end the year as the Colts’ starter under center.

So far this season, Foles has played in only two snaps, both of which came late in a Week 2 game against Jacksonville that had already been settled. Since then, he’s watched from the bench as his team underwent significant upheaval, with starting quarterback Matt Ryan being replaced by second-year player Sam Ehlinger, head coach Frank Reich being abruptly replaced by new hire Kyle Saturday, and Ryan being reinstated to the starting lineup after Saturday’s arrival.

“Think the world of Matt. He’s a pro’s pro,” Saturday said of Ryan. “And I appreciate the way he’s handled it. Not the season he expected, nor the Colts as a whole. I feel bad for Matt, but Nick gives us the best chance to win, and that’s the direction we’re headed.”

The Colts may have finally cracked after last week’s performance, in which they threw away a 33-0 halftime lead and dropped to 1-4 despite all the craziness.

Foles is accustomed to taking the field in December after an experienced starter has been benched. He did so in Philadelphia in 2012, replacing Michael Vick, and again in 2013, following Vick’s retirement. He was a huge success both times, leading the Eagles to an 8-2 record, the best-passing yards in the league, and a playoff berth.

He’ll be 33 years old, so nobody will expect him to save a season that’s already 4-9-1. However, with Saturday still competing for the Indianapolis head coaching position, Foles appears to be the strongest remaining candidate.

The Loss to the Vikings

The Indianapolis Colts’ historic loss to the Minnesota Vikings may look horrible today, but it will be recognized as a great success in retrospect. Around 60 hours have passed since Greg Joseph’s 40-yard field goal at U.S. Bank Stadium was successfully converted.

Saturday afternoon’s meltdown will live in infamy. After taking a 33-0 lead into halftime, the Indianapolis Colts lost to the Minnesota Vikings by 39-36. The game-winning field goal in overtime sealed the greatest comeback in NFL annals. In the history of professional football, a 33-point deficit has never been overcome.

On Sunday, owner Jim Irsay saw the game from the upper deck and witnessed what everybody saw. For the second time in many matches, his team’s national reputation was sullied in front of the entire country.

Several Wrong Turns

Saturday’s Colt disaster will be considered the confluence of many disastrous decisions by the organization if Irsay is candid, which remains to be seen. The breakdown should prompt necessary changes to the franchise.

The extent to which Irsay has been involved in the Colts’ transformation this season has been widely reported. Irsay pushed outgoing head coach Frank Reich to start Sam Ehlinger over Matt Ryan, a move that backfired after two losses for the Colts. After a few games into the season, Irsay allegedly fired Reich over the phone, making it his first midseason managerial change as owner.

The Colts will forever be remembered as being on the losing side of history after they played the Vikings on December 17, 2022. The franchise may have finally reached its tipping point, and there’s more to come.

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