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Best mobile banking app to access one’s bank account


Best mobile banking app to access one’s bank account

Among the new set of popular mobile banking apps, a trend that one can observe is that they do not limit themselves merely to fast online money transfers in terms of features. Accessibility is now a major focus among banks that offer mobile banking services to their customers. This could be access to a new, free online bank account, one’s existing bank account, or investment-related opportunities. As for the question – “which is the best mobile banking app?” one can only answer it by knowing how new-age banking apps are improving accessibility for customers.

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1. Access to debit and credit card-related details and services

If you are a customer who owns a debit card, you must always know your card’s number, its related bank account number, and other details to make a transaction. The information to be retained increases in the case of credit cards – since you must know your total amount due, the due date of your credit card’s repayment, the interest rate, etc. The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app and other reputed bank apps offer increased access to credit and debit cards.

2. Access to savings / current account-related services

It has become very easy for us to track our earlier payments since the rise of digital prices and the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in India. Banks have taken this forward in their mobile banking apps and provided a seamless mode of tracking one’s savings account through their respective apps.

3. Access to customer service

Any customer needs to be able to access their bank’s customer service at the earliest. Quick and satisfactory query redressals form a defining feature of the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app due to the increased accessibility to customer service through its app. Any queries regarding credit card repayment, accessing your savings account, investments, etc., can be resolved directly through the app.

4. Access to investment-related options

The best mobile banking app allows you to invest your saved income quickly. You can check various investment options, receive personalized investment suggestions and invest your money instantly through IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app. This all-in-one nature of mobile banking apps is a new feature that customers have received well.

5. Access to a new bank account

Finally, the best mobile banking apps of the day will also help you open a new online bank account. This new feature is being offered by the most popular banks of the day, including IDFC FIRST Bank. Any online bank account opening procedure does not require the customer to visit the bank branch and is, therefore, a very customer-friendly feature.

Your conception of the best mobile banking app for you could be based on certain parameters. However, if your mobile banking app offers most of the features mentioned in this article, you have most likely chosen an efficient mobile banking app.

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