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4 Major E-commerce Trends That Will Only Get Bigger in 2018


4 Major E-commerce Trends That Will Only Get Bigger in 2018

E-Commerce is booming, but it’s only going to get bigger. There are a ton of trends set to grow throughout 2018. However, we expect four standout trends to boom, so let’s check them out.

1. Mobile Shopping

We know just how much growth there has been in online browsing via mobile, but this trend is set to continue with shopping. E-commerce merchants can no longer ignore their mobile shoppers. Optimize your website for mobile (and tablet) users if you want to close the deal. You won’t be sorry; experts suggest that by 2020 E-commerce merchants will experience a 50% increase.

2. Storefront Apps

Well over 80% of mobile use revolves around apps. So, it only makes sense for e-commerce merchants to create apps that simplify the purchasing process. Just think about the loyalty you start when a customer downloads your app to make shopping easier. They’ll see it every time they swipe through their apps, which will likely encourage repeat customs. You don’t just seal the deal once, but repeatedly.


3. Supply Chain Management

The conversation often concerns B2C, but B2B cannot be forgotten. This is the year we remember. Right now, many food suppliers have made life easier for their customers by allowing them to log on and complete orders for their frozen, ambient, and chilled goods. It makes life so much easier to hop directly onto a website and browse through products before purchasing them. This is something set to grow across all industries. It’s all about creating a more streamlined service. The key factors in this area include automation, the customer, and data sharing.

4. Pay Later

E-commerce merchants are constantly frustrated by cart abandonment (estimates suggest it cost them over $4 billion just a few years ago). One of the most common reasons customers receive an email with a voucher or coupon is because they added an item to their basket and walked away from it without purchasing it. Now, many retailers are hopping on board the idea of a pay later option. This means customers can get their hands on the goods to see that the quality is what they expect and pay for it later.

The trends set for growth that we see here revolve around improving customer experience and maximizing sales. That’s the key to unlocking e-commerce success, and if you are a merchant, you will know just how challenging it can be. It’s never been easier to start; lasting creates a challenge. There’s only one way to ensure you and your customers get the most out of the online shopping experience: follow eShopping Journal for all the latest news, tips, and hints. You won’t be sorry.

Susan M. Davis

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