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Governments step up blogger arrests

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Regardless of what you think of running a blog, net-based citizen journalism is a real threat, no longer simply to traditional media enterprise fashions but to totalitarian governments. How do we recognize that bloggers are drawing blood? Because some governments are hitting returned tougher and harder; remaining 12 months noticed a tripling within the range of bloggers arrested round the arena as compared to 2006, according to a record from the college of Washington.

“Final year, 2007, was a document yr for blogger arrests, with 3 instances as many as in 2006. Egypt, Iran and China are the maximum dangerous locations to weblog approximately political life, accounting for extra than 1/2 of all arrests in view that running a blog became large,” stated Assistant Professor Phil Howard, lead author of the sector data access record. Howard additionally indicates that the actual range of arrests can be plenty better, as not every arrest makes it into the media.

The record separates the reason for arrests into six categories: violation of cultural norms, running a blog involved with social protest, running a blog about public policy, blogging about political figures, exposing corruption or human rights violations, and subsequently “different.” further to Iran, Egypt and China, center japanese regimes in Syria and Saudi Arabia, and South East Asian international locations consisting of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand also discern within the record. 2007 noticed 36 bloggers arrested round the arena, and on the grounds that 2003 at least sixty-four had been arrested, with a complete of 940 months of jail time served.

Even liberal democracies are not immune; France, Canada, the usa, and united kingdom have all arrested human beings following their running a blog pastime on account that 2004. But, some of those cases may not appear so egregious; final year a blogger become arrested in la following his postings approximately his appeal to younger women, and the beginning of 2008 saw an arrest inside the united kingdom after one Gavin pleasant used his blog to threaten a police officer’s circle of relatives following his arrest for a huge variety of thefts.

Another troubling fashion has been the complicity of western net corporations together with Yahoo and Google, each of whom have surpassed over information of bloggers to the chinese authorities, despite publicly condemning such regulations.

The net is not just landing people in prison; every so often it allows get them out too. In advance this yr there has been the widely publicized case in Egypt in which US blogger James buck used Twitter, the microblogging platform, to alert his buddies and co-workers to the truth that he’d been arrested following his efforts to cover an anti-authorities protest.

In the meantime, the worldwide blogging network indicates no signs of going away, even though fear of persecution might also drive extra of them to do so anonymously. However long may also they preserve to expose that the pen (or, in this situation, the keyboard) is mightier than the sword.